QuickSean, Van Halen and Barcelona, ​​a club now rotten at its core

Remember Gary Chiron? Does the name ring for an hour?

In the early sixties, Chiron was the leader of the American rock band Extreme, who enjoyed worldwide success with more than words and more small hits. A few years later, though, the common old ‘artistic difference’ disbanded the band, and in 1996 they split.

Charon was left without a job and frustrated with the division of his life, wondering what to do next. But then came a word in the blue and he couldn’t refuse a proposal: the chance to become the new lead singer of rock giant Van Halen. He could hardly believe his fate. Van Halen, though a fading force at the time, was the true title of the music scene, and Chiron – like every rocker of his generation – grew up making their idols. It was quite literally his dream job.

So he jumped at the chance and left for the studio … where as the Charon Band was discovered, everything was quickly revealed and everything in the vicinity fell into decay. His personal relationships with the other members were good, but the atmosphere around the band was tense, and the chemistry wasn’t right.

Specifically, talented guitarist Eddie Van Halen – considered one of the greatest rock guitar players of all time – was burdened with the need to do everything. Instead of writing murderous riffs, he is now forced to play bass, write piano-based songs, add vocals, arrange and produce, as well as face a heap of ugly responsibilities away from the studio … and as a result interfere with his early work, old magic is just right Was not there

Yet Chiron stuck with it and the third Van Halen third album was released in 1998 by F fans and critics hating it. One reviewer, Michael Christopher, complained that “the whole thing just felt nasty” summarized the general mood, and it was entirely conceivable after Chiron left the band, with Charon touring them in support of the publicly-worrying album.

His dream job turned into a nightmare.

Poor old Quique Setien.

In January, Setienne unexpectedly got a chance to coach Barcelona eight months after leaving the job after the Real Betis shootout. True, the team he inherited looked like a jerk, but as a lifelong disciple of Barcelona’s famed Johann Kriff-inspired style, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. It was quite literally his dream job.

So he jumped at the chance and left for Camp Nue … where everything was quickly revealed as the Setien team discovered and everything around him fell into decay. His personal relationships with the players were good, but the atmosphere around the team was most juicy and the chemistry was not right.

Specifically, genius forward Lionel Messi – one of the best footballers of all time – was overwhelmed by the need to do everything. Instead of focusing only on his efforts at goalkeeping, he now felt like a creative midfielder, deep-lying passenger and winger, as well as facing a heap of ugly responsibilities away from the playing field … and as a result of all the interference in his early career, the old magic was not there.

Enough. We’ll stop there, because you’ve got the point. In taking on the manager of Barcelona, ​​Quick Setien’s job is obviously not the same as that of Gary Cherone in Van Halen’s role as lead singer, and there are as many differences as in their own circumstances.

However, considering how ‘dream work’ situations can often be reversed is a teaching practice, especially in a competitive environment of high-performance acting driven by endless stress and arrogance, where success can be fleeting, fateful and always catastrophic.

Worryingly for Setien and Barca fans, it is worrying that Chiron, with the donation of Hindus, never had a chance to succeed with Van Halen, and not through any fault of his own. There are many deep-seated problems and irreversible differences that he could never overcome, and from the very beginning he was drowning in failure.

Can the same be said for Setien in Bursa?

It has become a truly incredible 2020 for Barcelona, ​​if it were to be part of a movie, it would be dismissed as unrealistic.

The year began with a defeat against Ernesto Valverde in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup Jeddah tour, with Ernesto Valverde fired and Espanyol defeating Atletico Madrid. The new game has two games and less than two weeks and they were already a director down. Then Xavi removed the job of the first choice, and so did Ronald Koman. So the best third-choice Setienne was suddenly given the chance to recover a career that seemed to be fast approaching retirement earlier.

Just two weeks later, when sports director Eric Abidal used a newspaper interview as an opportunity that some players didn’t put in enough effort. Reflecting on the mood of the squad, captain Messi personally took criticism and hit back at his former teammate on social media, which resulted in Abidal being sacked.

At the same time, Osman Dembele and Luis Suarez were killed due to long-term injuries, which led to the emergency signing of Martin Brathwaite from Leganes. During the January transfer window due to the club’s disappointing financial condition, the rest of the squad’s squad had just 5 senior outfield players on the roster.

Then just before a potential title-decision-making trip to Clasico in Real Madrid, club president Josep Maria Bartomeu was accused of paying a social media firm to run the smear campaign against the former and an election. Current players and their associates, including Messi’s wife.

Before the scandal was completely clear, the world was in a great crisis, and the outbreak of Kovid-1 stopped all sports … but even then Bartomeu jumped on the negative headlines, portraying his players poorly. The wise and controversial guys seem reluctant to accept a pay cut to force Messi to announce another Instagram to oppose his presidential claim.

And if that weren’t enough, this week saw a return to the ‘Barcagate’ social media scandal, with six members of the board resigning, and one of them – Emily Roussoud – alleged that Bartomeu or another senior director had their hands up until the episode. Needless to say, Rasud is now being sued for the club he served until last week as vice-president.

Even for FC Barcelona soap opera experts, fitting all these scandals and conspiracies in just three and a half months is a truly impressive feat.

Take a peek at Barca’s controversial catalog of their catastrophic 2021, and try to imagine how this nationally troubled organization could potentially enjoy success on the playground if it were to resume a stagnant season at the moment.

Although sometimes football should never be called for, it’s rare to imagine a club where badly outnumbered could possibly end a big trophy en even with Messi’s presence and the way they top La Liga (!!) somehow their season is a bad ending. Shows. Perhaps too badly, the bitchy political fight is likely to get worse before it gets better, and Messi’s growing discontent is looming large.

Take a closer look at this sad story and ask yourself: What did Quick Setien or any of the other directors do to improve the situation? The answer is … nothing. Nothing.

Injuries, poor squad planning, financial collapse, political battles, conflicts between players and boards before his arrival, resignation of directors, litigation … are all beyond the scope of mere coach influence. And so Setien, still only three months into his ‘dream job’ – without a third of games or any other contact with his players due to the unprecedented world health crisis – has been forced to sit there with every new twist and turn, scratch his head and Wait for the day to give him a peaceful opportunity to coach his football team Maybe on.

That day could never come again. (If) the move begins again, the task of putting everything together in such a toxic serpentine in the club requires a miraculous change of circumstances. Their excessive reliance on Messi for offensive inspiration, their defensive weaknesses against slow and chaotic midfield and quick counter attacks, rotten to the overall health of the club from top to bottom, and never mind the strategic question of the rustic positive result of that environment are certainly fairy godmothers, Harry Beyond the combined power of Potter and Santa Claus There will be … Never mind a person who never won a big trophy and Real Betis fired him a year ago.

And most sadly, from the point of view of this desirable, obvious and deeply-principled coach, there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.

On the outside, any football manager would consider FC Barcelona an opportunity to operate, as a great, glorious, once-in-a-lifetime treat. Outside, any rock star would be asked to be Van Halen’s new lead singer in a similarly shining light.

Inside, things look very different. Very different indeed.

Years after his departure from the band, Gary Chiron took a philosophical view when he was interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine about his failed spell as one of the lead singers of some of the world’s rock bands.

“At the end of the day,” he said. “I would say, ‘Hey, I was a musician in the mighty Van Halen.’ You can’t take it away from me. “

Not too long ago, the only comfort kid in Quick Setien could ever say: “Hey, I was the coach of the mighty FC Barcelona. You can’t take that away from me.”

At this point, it is difficult to see how his story could lead to a happy ending.

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