Rakitic did not ask to leave Barcelona and soon Coutinho – Setien should be discussed

  • Barcelona head coach Quick Setien talks about the future of Ivan Rakitic and Philip Coutinho.


Changed 17 Apr 2020, 06:02 IST

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Barcelona midfielder Evan Rakitic

Quick Setin emphasized that Evan Rakitic was not about to leave Barcelona, ​​saying that it was too soon to discuss the future of Philip Coutinho.

Out of contract in 2021, Rakitic recently criticized the Laliga club’s treatment for him as the Croatian midfielder was likely closer to the outside.

The 32-year-old Barcelona head coach, Setienne, was unaware of the desire to leave and said he was pleased with Rakit’s performance this season.

“On Thursday, he told El Largero,” I have no information that Rekitiq wants to leave the club and I have never had an infection. And with me he has played a lot and can continue to do that, “he told El Largero on Thursday.

“I’m happy with his performance and have nothing to say. We’ll have to wait to see what happens and whether he wants to leave. And if I have to say it, the time will come.”

Coutinho is another player associated with the permanent Barcelona departure, having taken loan at Bayern Munich this season.

The playmaker has struggled for more than a thousand years during his season, but Setin said he is a fan of the Brazil international.

“He’s a great footballer and I’ve always loved him, but very soon,” he said.

“There are things to deal with.”

Published 17th April 2020, 06:02 IST

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