Real Madrid came to Mohamed Salah in 2018, the former Egypt coach claimed


Retrieved 17 May 2020, 03:18 IST

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Liverpool star Mohamed Salah and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos

According to a former member of the Egyptian national team’s coaching staff, Real Madrid made an offer to Liverpool star Mohamed Salah just months before their 2018 Champions League final clash.

Salah is a great star enjoying 2017-18 promotions, scoring 32 Premier League goals and providing 10 assists supp

However, his BD’s heartbreak for the European glory with the Reds ended after he was heartbroken when he saw Sergio Ramos take him to the final in Kiev with a shoulder injury.

Jুরrgen Klopp’s men lost 3-1 and started a competition against Salah’s time to get fit for Egypt’s World Cup campaign in Russia.

The former Roma forward scored twice but lost each game as the Pharaohs were weakened in the group stage.

According to former Egyptian international Hani Ramzi, Salah discussed a Madrid approach with then-national team boss Hector Capar during a training camp in Switzerland in March 2018.

Ramzi told Egyptian television channel OnTimes Sports that he had only joined the coaching staff under Xavier Aguirre, Kapur’s successor, yet he was present and took part in the conversation.

“I was talking to Salah and he told me that Real Madrid had sent him an offer,” he said.

“The offer was really good, but Salah discussed it with me and Mr Kapoor and he decided to stay with Liverpool because he was comfortable there.”

Ramzi left the Egyptian setup with all of Aguirre’s staff after being knocked out of the African Cup of Nations on home soil after the last-1 exit event.

Nevertheless, Salah holds huge ambitions in the continental tournament.

“Salah is ambitious. He told us that he wanted to win AFSON three times in a row, like Egypt in 2008, 2008 and 2010.”