Real Madrid fans want to win La Liga – Vinicius


Changed 23 May 2020, 05:00 IST

Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr. says Real Madrid want to win La Liga for their fans following the Carnavirus epidemic.

Laviga has been suspended since March due to the COVID-19 crisis, although the league expects to resume in June.

Defending champions and bitter rivals Barcelona were two points behind in 227 matches at the time of the suspension.

The coronavirus has devastated Spain and around the world and wants to give Madrid star Vinicius Los Blancos something to make his fans laugh.

“I’ve seen the games again and I think so too. I think we were better than them in more ways,” Vinicius Marca was asked when he said Madrid were better than Barায়a in two La Liga meetings this season.

“We had very good games so far and we need to regain our best form. We are really hungry to come back, to win and we want to win this league title for our fans. People have suffered a lot and we have to give something to encourage Real Madrid fans in this situation. Want.

“We know that winning the league may not be the solution to the big tragedies, but it will be something to be happy about.”

There were 11 matches left in the 2019-20 season and Vinicius added: “Results against [Real] Betis

We have a mission now. We can’t fail. We can’t fail. And we can’t fail.[2-1losswasagreatshameNowwehaveamissionwecan’tfailWecan’tfailandwe’renotgoingtofail”[2-1ক্ষতিহ’লএকবিরাটলজ্জাজনকঘটনা।এখনআমাদেরএকটিমিশনআছেআমরাব্যর্থহতেপারিনা।আমরাব্যর্থহতেপারিনাএবংআমরাব্যর্থহবনা।[2-1losswasagreatshameNowwehaveamissionwecan’tfailWecan’tfailandwe’renotgoingtofail”

“We may be back [to training] 11 days ago, but everyone’s rhythm looks good, “he continued.” We’ve still been able to do a lot of group work because we still can’t do it, but all my teammates are very strong and very good. There is still a lot of work left, but we are feeling better.

In the last-1 tie of the Champions League, Manchester City lost 2-1 to Manchester City at the Santiago Bernabeu before the season ended.

The Champions League could return in August, and Brazilian forward Vinicius said: “The return of the Champions League will be big news not just for football, but for the world. Being able to play in other countries will be a very positive sign because we will be closer to normal.

“The result of the first leg [against Manchester City] It was bad, but we are Real Madrid. Our obligation is to prepare ourselves well and, if this game comes, when everything is over, every Real Madrid fan can say: they gave everything, we are proud. “