Real Madrid, Jordan win final NBA MVP award in seventh heaven


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 11:30 IST

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Ferenc Puskas

Real Madrid lost 3-3 to Frankfurt to win the European Cup, and on 16 May 1998, Michael Jordan’s top five were 600 years from now.

Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas were the heroes as they tore down the Madrid Encounter at Hampden Park to lift the famous trophy for the fifth season in a row.

Legendary Jordan won his fifth and final NBA MVP award 22 years ago.

Milan fans and callous Randy Johnson can also reflect on this day with fan memories.

1960 – Madrid Mauel Intrachat

De Stefano and Puskas landed on a show in Glasgow while wielding the sword at Intrachat.

After a goal by Richard Cress, the Spanish giants crowded 127,000 with a great performance against the kings of Europe.

Di Stefano Madrid kuikaphayarera the first half of the first half in front of the spoke, and after the break ainatracatake destructive fashion pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces, pieces Piece by piece Piece by piece Piece by piece Raw pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces pieces to pieces.

Hungary’s great Puskas hit three times in 15 minutes and the great D-Stefano made it 1-1 to Madrid.

1998 – Top five for Jordan

In 1998, Jordan was again named the best player in the NBA and was rewarded for another great season.

The superstar led the Chicago Bulls to their third consecutive title and a sixth title in eight years, beating the Utah Jazz to retain their crown.

Jordan was 35 years old when he landed his fifth and final NBA MVP Gong and was about to sign up as a Finals MVP.

He averaged 26..7 points per game, averaged 8.6 rebounds and 3.5 assists, with time and again inspiring performances and a huge court appearance.

1994 – Cruel Milon Batter Barাa

Milan retained their Champions League title 26 years ago today in strong fashion at the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

Barাa, who was next to Fabio Capello, were in their own class despite not being some important people who could not stay with them.

The most expensive players in the world at the time, Marco van Basten and Gianluigi Lentini, were ruled out due to injuries, while captains Franco Beresi and Alessandro Castakurta were ruled out due to suspensions.

It didn’t matter to Marcelful Milan, Daniel Masaro scored in the first half with a brace score and a great lob on target to Dejan Sevissec before Marcel Desailly ended the penalty with a penalty kick.

2004 – ‘Big Unit’ Johnson has no age barrier

Randy Johnson made history when he became the oldest player to play a perfect game in the MLB 16 years ago.

Johnson was 40 years old when he achieved the great feat of winning the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Atlanta Braves.

The veterans’ second career no-hitter came to Turner Field, breaking the record when Sai Young was 337 years old.

Johnson’s perfect game was the 17th in baseball history.