Real Madrid was the best team in Europe in 2011-12


Changed 02 May 2020, 04:56 IST

Former Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho believes Real Madrid were the best team in Europe in 2011-12 despite falling short in the Champions League.

Under Mourinho’s direction, Madrid finished with three straight La Liga titles for Barcelona, ​​setting a record for most goals (121) and points (100) in a single season.

However, they lost in the Champions League semi-final to Bayern Munich – who lost to Chelsea in the final – on penalties.

Mourinho, who is in charge of Tottenham, believes Madrid was the best team in Europe at the time.

“Real Madrid were the best team in Spain and the best team in Europe that season,” he told Marca.

“That’s why it was so difficult for us to deal with Bayern’s exit from the Champions League.”

Mourinho said the way Madrid finished Barcelona’s La Liga run was important, although the club was 2011-17-1. Has won only one league crown in the year.

“Putting an end to Barcelona’s dominance and achieving a record point tally and achieving a record goal like this makes it all the more interesting and important because we did it in the best way possible.”

“It’s not just that we won La Liga, we made history that way.”