Renault Farlow ‘huge majority’ of US-based workers by end of May

  • With the Formula One season delayed until June, Renault has stopped working in England and France.


Changed 10 Apr 2020, 23:18 IST

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Renault driver Daniel Ricardo

The Reno Coronavirus has taken the option of “the vast majority” of furfew at their Enstone site amid the epidemic.

The launch date for the Formula One season has not yet begun after a return to the global COVID-19 crisis.

As things stand, the French Grand Prix will start airing in June, with nine previous events postponed. But motorsports major Ross Brown is confident about the 19-race season if F1 is up and running by July.

In the wake of the delay, Reno has announced their plans for the coming weeks.

For Enston employees, the team has applied to use the UK government’s job retention scheme, which pays 80% of salaries for at-risk employees until 31 May. 2,500

“It will be reviewed based on the development of the situation,” the statement said.

“All the party members also agreed to top-up the allotted amount to guarantee a minimum of 5 percent of the actual wages.

“The salaries of activists, including management, will be reduced in proportion.

Reno also operates a French site in Viri-Chatelin, where they will switch to a part-time schedule for a temporary period of 12 weeks.

Managing Director Cyril Abitbull says: “The very difficult human and sanitary conditions we are experiencing, and in most of the Grand Prix-organizing countries such as France and England, are still not measuring our impact on our sport.

“Therefore, in order to protect the entire team we have built over the past four years, we have to use all of our settlement arrangements to reduce the length of uncertainty and prolonged periods of inaction.”

Published April 10, 2020, 23:18 IST

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