Results of the SkySports Invitational PUBG Mobile Charity Tournament


Retrieved 23 April 2020, 12:24 IST

SkySports Charity Tournament“/>
SkySports Charity Tournament

The PUBG mobile gaming charity event #PleforceX came to an end and what a surprise happened to us.

Team Orange Sports won first place from the lot and after the team leg stumps, the underdogs proved to be good until the final round. Ronnie Scriola’s Umumba secured a secure third place.

SkySports Charity Tournament“/>
SkySports Charity Tournament

The initiative Sky Sports took with our partners to host a charity gaming tournament to raise funds for Prime Cares was very close to our hearts and it was a small gesture that we as a gaming community can do in this long fight against COVID 19.

We thank all the teams, players and support staff for coming forward and being a big part of this event.

All prize money will go to Prime Minister Care on behalf of the entire gaming community.

A quote from Orange Rocks is mentioned below.

The Orange Rock Sports team at the recent Sky Sports Charity Tournament is incredibly proud of our efforts. It is an honor for us to be able to turn our victory into a game we love with the help of our community and nation. The whole team at OR Sports is proud to donate to our winning Prime Minister Carus Fund.