Richardo holds on to F1 World Cup title despite Ronaldo’s disappointment


Retrieved 09 May 2020, 17:52 IST

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Daniel Ricardo of Renlo

Daniel Ricardo remains steadfast in his belief that he will be able to win the Formula One World Championship despite a great pass with Renlo last year.

The Australian returned to the team from the Red Bull before the 2012 campaign, but his former employers scored 417 points to replace Renault’s 91 in the Constructors’ Championship.

Richardo’s contract expires at the end of this season, which the F1 hopes will resume in Austria in July, and he will have to move on to achieve his ultimate goal.

“My primary goal with this whole trip was not just to get into the F1. It was to leave the world champion,” the ninth-year-old, 30, told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I was excited to go to F1? Of course? Do I like it? Yes. I haven’t gotten there yet. But am I still enjoying it? Absolutely?”

“But if it ends today, would I be disappointed? A big part of it is because it’s because I truly believe I’m good enough to achieve, so I think it’s smelled on the table.

“That’s the ultimate goal. The day I stop believing this is the day I will probably see myself walk away from the game, but I still believe it can happen.”

As a result of the change of control aimed at narrowing the gap between rival teams, which took effect in 2022, Ricardo’s next decision is even more difficult, and he acknowledges that such considerations are problematic.

“It’s disappointing that the game has run quite well due to having the right equipment in the right season,” he said. “But I signed up for it and it’s an exciting part of the sport itself.

“The challenge is to position yourself with the best team at that moment and when the rules change it’s just like with the right team, or are we losing something? What do we need to try? We got here?

“It’s like chess most of the time. I wish it was black and white and everyone was the same and we can go and see who is the best, but how it doesn’t work. But I feel the best will always find a way to make it to the top. “