Rick Flair praised the former Universal Champion; Says the superstar can do “really serious work”

  • WWE legend praised this former Universal Champion.
  • Flyer criticized the current superstars and how they performed so much finisher.


Modified April 13, 2020, 12:24 IST

Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens; Rick Flyer“/>
Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens; Rick Flair

Featuring a new episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken School Sessions Rick Flair Who talks about many things.

Austin talks about a regular flyer match involving Nature Boy, where the flyer will throw the top turnbuckle, take a few backdrops, and slam a few presses to name a few. Austin explained how the flyer would work on a particular body part of the opponent and then work on the opponent’s leg with the figure four locks.

Flyer, talking about this, talked about Kevin Owens, And praised former Universal Champion:

“Figure Four, I got it from Jack Briscoe, you know which kind of thing I can tell you. So, didn’t you tell me that Kevin Owens told you about using a stunner? So, he can do great kid work, really deadly work.

Flyer also criticized the current superstars and how everyone was using the superkick and how the last steps from the past are no longer a finisher.

“Holding on and going back to the offense, he does it, but no one else is doing it. Everyone is using that superkick. I can even remember sitting at the table, the TV, and they come down and the guy goes, ‘Hey, Mago wanted to be super tonight. Use the kick as a high spot ‘Sean goes,’ not at all ‘Now if you watch the show … I want to tell the kids what you want, you won’t see 27 moons, your You can not have 27 suparakikasa.

April 13, 2020, 12:24 IST Published

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