Riot rewards give extra tokens to solve recent service problems


23 April 2020, 12:15 IST changed

Due to a few issues during the Galaxy 2020 event, a few steps have been taken to ensure that your equal amount of tokens ran out if those issues did not appear.

The following changes apply to pass owners.

League of Legends - Galaxies 2020“/>
League of Legends – Galaxy 2020

Weekly wins – 4 of 4

This Galaxy Pass mission lasts longer (hence the greater number of games) than the previous weekly win mission but does not give a proportionately higher amount of tokens. Last Monday, we activated a mission for all pass owners Play 1 game, Rewards 140 tokens Which has been missing since last week’s Vince mission.

Service problems

Due to extensive service problems during the event, all pass owners will receive a mission Play 1 gameEffective 175 tokens for EUW, 150 for BR and NA and 120 ensures for other regions These numbers are based on the amount of tokens when you are unable to log in or search the queue most, some regions are more affected than others. This mission will be active later this week and will last longer than other Galaxy missions, ending May 12 at BST.

Collision token

Pass owners who participated in the most recent class tournaments on March 26 / April 29 and April 11/12 were not given tokens for matches played. A few days ago, the owners of all the passes that took part in the clash were found 10 tokens per win and 5 tokens per loss Based on their records these tokens were added directly to your inventory last Monday, no mission required.