Rob Gronkowski insists he is “joking” in the Books Playbook comments


Retrieved 30 April 2020, 17:14 IST

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Rob Gronkowski celebrated his third Super Bowl victory

Rob Gronkowski insisted he was “joking” when he claimed he had a playbook of Tamp Bay Buchanania for a few weeks before signing.

Referring to Sean Buzo’s Cincinnati Bengals playbook study ahead of the NFL draft, Gronkowski told a news conference on Saturday that he had been in possession of the books for four weeks.

It sparked speculation as to whether any rules had been breached due to the strict termination under contract with the New England Patriots before the April 21 business.

However, Gronkowski, who is out of retirement to reunite with quarterback Tom Brady in Tampa, took his comments lightly to Twitter: “Is this a serious story?

“Lol! I was just kidding Sage [Steele] Since I was there the whole time when I was co-hosting the show. Viewers, my co-hosting skills to the point !! Ha ha ha !! “

Gronkovsky claims that he only got his Bose playbook and has not yet opened it, before joking about the level at which he understands.

The three-time Super Bowl champion added: “I actually got my team-issued surface from Busse today and it’s still in the package.

“It’s expected all the drawings and drawings I’m hoping soon one day it will be pumped to open and follow the arrows to learn where to run G Granc caught Run Granc No need for a playbook he hey.”

His clarification came after Brady was not fined by the NFL at the home of Bucani’s offensive coordinator last week.

The NFL team began an investigation to inspect Brady’s Byron Leftovich to pick the team’s playbook and determined that the new books quarterback did not violate any offseason work rules.

Brady’s visit made headlines because he inadvertently entered a neighbor’s house, mistakenly thinking it was a leftist address.

The accidental blaming occurred after Brandy was evicted from a public park that was closed as part of a Florida state-stay order amid the Florida coronavirus epidemic.

Brady shed light on the incident in a video posted by the Buccaneers over the weekend, which sent an entertaining letter from Mayor Jane Castor.