Rock intends to return to the match against the former Universal Champion


Modified April 20, 2020, 05:48 IST

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Went to Live on Instagram Recently and Brahma Bull was asked about going against probability Roman Reigns.

The Rock said that anything is possible and that he must take part in the match against The Big Dog. Rock mentioned that he was hesitant about Idea to return to the big match, but it would be in the right place to The Rock added that the business model needs to be right for this national match to succeed.

10 times Of the WWE The champion admits that it is difficult for Vince McMahon to remove him, whom he considers to be his mentor and close confidant.

Here’s what The Rock had to say about the possible match against the Rains:

Is The Rock vs. Roman Reign Possible? Yes, I think that anything is possible. Sure. I’m always open and you know that’s the great thing about the world of professional wrestling. Wrestling has adaptability, and you know you never say that in the world of pro-wrestling.

You never talk to Vince McMahon, who has been one of my mentors and very close friends and confidant in the business for a very long time. Yes, so do you ever. I think the venue has to be right for something like this to happen. I think the business model needs to be right (laughs). But I’m very close to Roman, this is my family. We’ll see.

Will The Rock return to the WWE ring for a match?

Rock revealed in an interview last year that he had quietly retired from wrestling, but that may not be the case since the 47-year-old WWE legend doesn’t seem to have any qualms about teaming up against his Samoan cousin. .

WrestleMania 37 is expected to take place at the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles when it comes to ideal conditions.

The kingdom has already created this idea Probably WrestleMania going the opposite of The Rock in Hollywood. It just makes all the sense in the world to make it happen at next year’s show. What do you think