Rocket owner Ferritta said Trump will try to play the NBA again


Retrieved 19 May 2020, 05:12 IST

Tilman Ferretta, owner of the Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Ferritta believes the NBA season will end after the coronavirus crisis.

The 2012-20 NBA campaign has been postponed since March due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has caused a global catastrophe – the Olympic Games and Euro 2020 are one year behind.

At the time of the adjournment, Giants Antotocounpo and Eastern Conference top Milwaukee Books (53-12) held the league record before the Los Angeles Lakers (49-14), the Toronto Raptors (4-18-16) and the league’s best record holder. (44-20).

It remains to be seen after NBA commissioner Adam Silver considers various options and when, this season will start again.

Fartita met with US President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday and when asked what would happen to basketball, the former said: “I think what they’re doing is they’re waiting to see what happens in certain states and if we’re going to be able to play.

“The virus is making sure it’s going the right way in the next few weeks. And I think the way things are going, I think the NBA, Commissioner Adam Silver, who has done an incredible job through it. It’s and 30 owners trying to start the season again.” Decide to “”

Asked by Trump whether the season would end, Ferritta replied: “I think there has been talk of ending the season by playing the X number game.

“Players have to play to get paid, and right now they’re paying 25 percent. They own 50 percent of our revenue compared to other games. And so they want this revenue, even if it’s not, people get in-the-stand income, so they get paid. Can. “

There has been talk that the NBA could go straight to the playoffs if the season starts again.

“I think we want to play a bit more and build it again and build interest and just go to the playoffs,” Ferritita said. “But I think it’s going to be great for America. We’re all losing the game and everyone wants to see these great NBA teams.”