Roddy Piper gave him interesting advice while John Moxley was at WWW


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Dean Ambrose and Roddy Piper“/>
Dean Ambrose and Roddy Piper

AUU World Champion John Moxley The crowd knows a thing or two about how to play – Even if you can’t play. Much of this knowledge comes from just being in business for a long time. However, he has also received lots of good advice from some of the business legends.

One of these legends is just too late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – who is probably also the most compared to one legend John Moxley. While working with Piper in the early days of The Shield, the two former intercontinental champions had a pretty good conversation following a match with then-Dean Ambrose.

John Moxley reveals what advice he received from Roddy Piper

Exclusive interview with, John Moxley discussed, among other things, how Piper advised him that, as Hill, there is a sure fire way to connect with the crowd. Basically, pretend they don’t have a presence.

When John Moxley was asked to act without an audience without appearing, it immediately made him think of the story.

“You know Rowdy Roddy Piper once told me … once he came to like SmackDown or something [and] I just don’t understand how he pronounced it … I did something and I was playing with a very, very big crowd or a crowd or something like that. He came back and saw me, he was like ‘You went to Babyface too much’ or something. [H]These are like “don’t even think about them” [the fans]. He says, “You see people’s shoes.” Basically, you focus on your opponent. You’re there to hurt him. “

“If you look … Piper’s entrance [from WCW StarrCade ’96 against Hollywood Hogan]… Hogan’s eyes have been closed since the moment he walked through the curtain. And just like that, it sounded like this death. Although he was in his 50s with artificial buttocks? When you see it and you see the entrance you like “this guy is going to war”

John Moxley also discussed his upcoming role during the interview Cagefighter His thoughts on films and cinematic matches.