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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Says Of the WWE The locker room is a team environment and he does not encourage superstars to go against the “do-it-yourself” script on television.

In an interview with Muscle and FitnessFour times WrestleMania The WWE chief was asked about his creative independence and whether some storylines or categories push him to change.

He responded by stating that by giving evidence to WWE decision makers, he was always following the script with the script that he could handle anything they wanted to throw at him and advised others to do the same.

“I’m not suggesting you just come and go do the work yourself on your own because in a weird light, it’s the biggest team process for me. As I said, it’s not one of those deals like football where we’re competing and that person is me. Besides, I’ve never been in a business where somebody’s lying to me, like, ‘Friend, you win tonight. .

He also added that WWE superstars have a kind of respect and respect for each other because they have to work as a team to achieve their success.

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Roman Reigns’ WWE career in 2020

Roman Reigns began beating Baron Corbin in 2020 with a Bar-to-Back Pay-View, Royal Rumble and Super Showdown before making the Universal Championship match against Goldberg at WrestleMania ৩ 36.

However, For family reasons, A former Shield member, decided to remove the event, meaning Brown Strowman took his place and defeated Goldberg and became the new Universal Champion.

It is currently unknown when the Rains will return to WWE television.

Published 16 April 2020, 17:50 IST

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