Ronaldo to remove Arsenal star Man Utd, Dotin makes history


Retrieved 05 May 2020, 11:32 IST

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Cristiano Ronaldo in the semi-finals of the 2009 Champions League

Manchester United and Arsenal failed to secure a place in the Champions League this season, but 11 years ago they competed in a crucial semi-final.

United reached the 2009 final after winning the famous second leg at the Emirates Stadium.

West Indies batsman Deyendra Dotin can also proudly reflect on this date, as it is a decade since the making of T20 history.

Here we look back at some of the most memorable moments in the sports world to be held on May 5th.

2009 – Ronaldo and Manchester United’s past roles

A lonely John O’Shea strike was a great goal in the semifinals, with the second leg expected to be eagerly awaited among London’s domestic rivals.

Arsenal fans have created a tense atmosphere but their hopes of reaching the second final in four years have seen a rapid and heartbreaking evaporation in fashion.

A Park G-Music strike and Cristiano Ronaldo’s 40-yard free-kick gave United two goals, ending the tie 11 minutes later.

Ronaldo then removed any thought of a return to Arsene Wenger from the classic United counter-attack in the second half.

Future United striker Robin van Persie converted a late penalty but Arsenal finally got the target as there was no way back.

It was a final defeat for the Gunners and they did not make it to the last four of the European Premier Club competition.

United’s hopes of becoming the first team to retain the Champions League in the modern era of competition were dashed when they lost 2-0 to Barcelona in the final.

They suffered the same fate in the final against Bar্সa at Wembley two years later and have won three Champions Leagues since their 2006 success.

2010 – History of cricketing for Diandra Dotin

Dotin removed the South African bowling attack 10 years ago to make the first women’s T20 century in St. Kitts and Nevis.

He had just 38 supplies to reach three numbers and it stands as the fastest century in history.

In 2019, Australia’s Alyssa Haley bowled a ton of 446 against Sri Lanka, but that pace was still far below Dotin’s incredible innings.

Batting at number six, Dotin finished with an unbeaten 112 with 44 deliveries.

He led the West Indies from 52-4 to a match-winning total of 155-5, although South Africa came in at 117.

His second fifty came in just 13 deliveries and in total he hit seven boundaries and nine sixes at a great strike-rate of 26.6.

1904 – Sai Young plays his first perfect game

It’s been 116 years since the first perfect game was played in the modern era of baseball.

At the Huntington Avenue Grounds he faced all 27 Philadelphia Athletics batsmen, retired, the Boston American Colts was a 37-year-old, winning a huge match against rival Ruby Waddell.

Everyone said it was the third perfect game in MLB history but the modern era was the first since 1900 when it was thought to have started after the coding of the rules.

Four years have passed since Eddie Joss became the second player of the modern era for the Cleveland Knaps against the Chicago White Sox in October 1908.

The third came from Charlie Robertson in 1922, and Don Larson’s effort in 1956 was another perfect game before the 1960s.

After Young’s death in 1955, the Sai Young Award was created in his honor for the player’s best pitcher award.