Ronta Rousey responded to Hanna Kimura’s cut-off with a heartfelt message


Retrieved 23 May 2020, 23:54 IST

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Rhonda Rousey

The world of pro-wrestling has been shocked by the sad news Stardom wrestler Hannah Kimura is dying At a very young age of 22, wrestlers and superstars around the world are reacting to this disappointing news, and the latest version of the list is the former female champion, Rhonda Rousey.

The UFC Hall of Famer, Ronta Rousey, sent a heartfelt message via her Instagram to Hannah, her family and anyone else suffering from similar problems. Read the message –

“To Hannah Kimura and her family, I am incredibly sorry for your loss … there is no word that can heal this wound … Peace be upon you Hannah Kimura … if anyone is reading this please let me know.” Available. If you need someone to talk to on the phone, call 1-800-273-8255, if you like the text, send me to 741741 Home to connect with Crisis Counselor Text “

“Cyber ​​bullying is a very real and growing threat to all of us as a society. Being defeated is not a weakness, it is human. We feel that our lives depend on social acceptance because much of our history depends on our survival. And standing among them I know trolls spend their days harassing others online they are fighting their own mental monsters but please find a way to release your venom in a way that does not poison others even the weight of a camel can Destroy the back. It can be the smallest push that sends someone to the edge. The kind behavior you want if you get it instead of the hatred and neglect that you are trying to give it back. Don’t pass it, protect the world from what it is. Had to endure “

Rhonda Rousey is unfamiliar with hating from fans

Rhonda Rousey last took part in the WWE at the main event of WrestleMania 35, where she battled Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The former female champion has taken a break from the business for personal reasons and a desire to start a family.

Ronta Rousey is a man who himself has faced intense heat from fans throughout his career. Earlier with WWE Superstar Asuka Tweet about his past problems With cyber bullying and now Ranta Rousey sending such a strong message, it is clear that the pro wrestling world has been hit hard by this tragedy.