Rudolf’s name for the Tigers, Massey’s tears through England


Changed 26 April 2020, 12:30 IST

Jack Rudolph

Today marks 17 years since Jack Rudolph made his Test debut for South Africa against Bangladesh with a great double-century debut.

Rudolph, who is just 21 years old, made a three-day unbeaten 222 in an innings of 0 innings and 60 runs in Chittagong.

Australia’s Charles Bannerman was the first cricketer to score a century on a Test bow against England in 18 bow77, while the great W. G. Grace also scored his first century.

We play the top five in the longest format year after year.

Tip-top Foster Australia builds success

After being selected in the first Ashes Test in 1983, Reginald Erskine Foster or ‘Tip’, as his acquaintance, took the opportunity with both hands.

Business promise prevented Foster from making his debut in England earlier, but he prepared for the loss in Sydney with a record-breaking innings.

He made 2,287 – more than the total in Australia’s first innings – after the tourists came to number five in the first innings after finding boundaries in the event.

England won by five wickets thanks to Foster’s record in his debut Test.

Suite for Aunt 16

Bob Massey could not have dreamed of a better start than to prove his short Australian career.

In June 1972, England were bowled out for an incredible 16 wickets in both innings of the second Test at Lord’s.

Messi won the first innings 6–4 and 8-53 for the second time.

The 16-137 match statistics are the fourth best in Test history, not bad for a bowler who has played nine matches for his country.

King of Sabina Park

Before the West Indies made their debut at home to Sabina Park against New Zealand in 1972, much could be expected from Lawrence Roy.

The Jamaican batsman survived the hype in spectacular fashion, scoring an innocent 214 in the first innings at Kingston.

In the second innings, the visitors’ attack was further punished by the first man to score a double century and a century in his Test debut in a row-innings.

New Zealand drew a match, but it did not take the form of Roy’s exploit, which said: “This is my home ground, and I have no right to get out here.”

Tinegar Hirwani has tear through the Windies

Narendra Hirwani made his debut against the West Indies in Chennai 32 years ago with a sensitive India bowl.

The leg-spinner took 1 wicket in the fourth Test with –611 and 6–755 in the first innings.

The 19-year-old has claimed greats like Viv Richards, Desmond Haynes and Richie Richardson that he liked to take with him.

Hirwani played only 1 T Test, his first debut proved to be something of a false dawn, but the statistics of his 11-11-136 match against the Windies are the third best in the longest format.

Rudolph Games Tigers

Rudolph was just 21 years old when he had the opportunity to showcase his talent in the longest format and he showed his class at the MA Aziz Stadium.

The left-hander is the tenth highest in South African record and Test history.

Rudolph hit two sixes and found the rope 29 times in a great innings and put the platform up for a huge win along with Dippner.

When Graeme Smith announced on the second day, Bangladesh could not take their wickets and in the end they were miserable.