Rumors of WWE – Releasing Superstar Released?


Modified April 20, 2020, 23:55 IST

Of the WWE

Telling it Sean Ross Snake of Fightful That was speculation Of the WWE About the locker room Sarah Logan Will be returning to the organization in the near future.

WWU was one of the superstars who tied up with RAW superstar Eric, one of the superstars who was released last week as part of a coronavirus epidemic cost cutting system.

Following is a report from Ryan Satin on the Pro Wrestling Sheet That’s one The recently released superstar can look amazing In the April 20 episode of RA, the snake is reporting Choose the fight After Logan’s release, “many people came out to bat”.

“In the locker room there was speculation that Sara Logan is expected to be back with the organization in the near future, if not already. There are plenty of unhappy people, as is the case with anyone being fired, but we have heard that many people went out to bat for him. “

Maria Canelis tweeted earlier today that she will make an announcement during Ka, but Snake has made it clear that she may not have any news on Satin’s report about appearing on the published superstar show.

Sarah Logan’s WWE career in 2020

Sara Logan entered the 2220 Royal Rumble from No. 22 position, but she only lasted 20 seconds before coming out to Charlotte Flair, the eventual winner.

His most notable match since then came at the main event at the Elimination Chamber when he was one of five superstars defeated by Shayna Basler.

Last week Logan faced Basler at the Money in the Bank in the RAW qualifier, but the referee thought the match only lasted seconds, as the former Riot squad member could no longer continue.

Two days later, WWE announced that the 26-year-old child had been released.