Sammy Guevara wants Kurt Angle and Jack Ryder to sign for AW


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 01:48 IST

Sammy Guevara wants Kurt Angle and Jack Ryder at Auiu“/>
Sammy Guevara wants Kurt Angle and Jack Ryder at AW

In an interview with CatchClub, AUU Star Sammy Guevara He says he wants to see the company sign Kurt Angle And Jack Ryder.

Sammy Guevara praised Kurt Angle and Jack Ryder during the interview. He said he would love to work on a lighter schedule with AngleU, where he could fight with other stars in the organization as well. He added that AADU wrestlers can learn from Kurt Angle because of their experience inside the square circle. He also had kind words for Jack Ryder where he praised his ability to use the internet with his YouTube show True Long Island Story.

“I want to pick Kurt Angle, if he can compete now and then, he doesn’t have to wrestle every week. Just pick the dates to maintain his reputation. He can play some great matches not just with himself. But a lot of other people. I think he’s a guy who can teach us a lot. “

“Jack Ryder, it would be a pity to take him. He was the first person with a real creative Long Island story on YouTube. He was the first person to fly and make it in front of anyone about me. What a genius to capitalize on this tool for all of us.”

You can catch the whole video Here.

Published by Kurt Angle and Jack Ryder at WWE

Among the many superstars released by WWE as a cost-cutting measure due to the COVID-19 epidemic were Kurt Angle and Jack Ryder. Other big names included Luke Gallos, Carl Anderson, Health Slater, Leo Rush, Rusev among many others.

Over the past few months, many of these wrestlers have been associated with AUU. Even Cody Rhodes took to Instagram and gave a long post about his close friend Jack Ryder after the release.

Although Cody made it clear that AW is not ‘All Friends Wrestling’ in response to the possibility of Jack Ryder signing with the company, it should come as no surprise that Ryder has become ‘All Elite’.