Sancho Man Wood? Holland in Madrid? There is no reason to leave Dortmund – Langrake


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Borussia Dortmund teammates Jadon Sancho (L) and Erling Holland (R)

Former Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Mitch Lanjarac says there is “absolutely no reason” for Jaden Sancho and Erling Holland to leave the Bundesliga.

Sancho has been suggested joining Premier League giants Manchester United, while the Dortmund star has also reportedly wanted Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona.

Holland – who only came to Dortmund from Salzburg in January – probably started his life in Signal Iduna Park after the La Liga powerhouse Real Madrid was probably published.

Langarac spent five years at Dortmund, winning two Bundesliga titles among other honors under Jুরrgen Klopp, and the Australian international believes that Sancho and Holland finally have enough time to move on – pointing to the example of Robert Lewandowski and Ilke Gundogan.

“There is no reason for any of them to leave,” Langrack, who now plays for Nagoya Gramps of the Japanese team, told Stats Performer. ”

“For example, Leandowski has left Dortmund [in 2014] At about 24-25. [He was] It’s tearing up at Dortmund and he’s tearing it up at Bayern Munich. Went there as an absolute starting striker. Like Gundogan. He came in at 21 and moved to 24-25 [in 2016]. Went to Manchester City and he’s killing it.

“There is no need to despair of leaving these boys if the situation is perfect. Holland could have played 10 games without a goal and the fans will celebrate him like tomorrow. They will never get behind him or criticize him.”

“It’s perfectly in the scene where he has the blessing or support of the whole club and the city. It’s good to be carving for Dortmund, a very good, young, hungry player.

“When the time is right, they will probably leave, but I don’t see why they will play regularly in the Champions League, hopefully advance to the next level and win the Bundesliga title. There are only a handful of clubs bigger than Dortmund. And who better? “

There is also uncertainty about the future of Mario Gotze in Dortmund, where the 2-year-old German is out of contract at the end of the season.

Guttierez, who won the Bundesliga just 502 minutes before the coronavirus epidemic, has joined side Milan, Roma and Lazio in Serie A.

“Mario is a very good friend of mine. He was my first roommate when I arrived in Dortmund [from Melbourne Victory in 2010]. He’s a great, great guy, ”Langrake said.

“Most professional players – in terms of professionalism, he’s there with Lewandowski. It’s really nice to see two of their top players, they’re the most professional.

“It’s hard for him now. Hopefully he can solve anything. Hopefully, he’s ruled not to stay at Dortmund. I don’t think that’s the case with different coaches, systems and players – things change fast.

“It could be that Mario will start the next two games, do well again and the world looks completely different for him. In the future I will follow the path he has taken. I’m sure he will do really well because he is very humble, hardworking.” That wherever he goes, he will make a good idea.

When the Bundesliga resumes on Saturday, Dortmund will get a clearer picture of what the future holds with hosting Schalke, Dortmund’s fiercest rival behind closed doors amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Germany’s Bundesliga was suspended in March by defending champions Bayern at the top of Dortmund’s five-point table with four points.

Langrake believes Dortmund can win the title this season, adding: “The return of the Bundesliga is positive because everyone wants to see some football. Personally, I can’t wait until it’s over. So, I’ll be all over the world every minute.” It’s like watching

“Behind closed doors, there will be a lack of environment. We played a few friendly games two months ago. There are no fans in a big stadium and it’s a really different environment.

“It has been shown not only to the fans, but also to the players, far from it, football without fans is really nothing. It’s going to be a huge challenge for Bundesliga players because they won’t use it. It’s a huge and huge difference.

“I can only imagine the first game in front of the whole stadium for all the players and the club. It’s going to be the biggest party and the most interesting thing.”