Sarwan has brought back allegations against Hotel and Chris Gayle for making ‘scandalous’ claims


Retrieved 01 May 2020, 17:34 IST

West Indies batsman Chris Gayle

Ramnaresh Sarwan, the West Indies batsman, described Chris Gayle’s allegations as “reprehensible” after describing his former teammate as “worse than a coronavirus”.

Gayle took aim at the all-encompassing excitement in a video posted on YouTube this week, saying Sarwan would have to bear the brunt.

The opener accused Sarwan of playing a key role in the decision to release Jamaica Tallawahs for the 2020 Caribbean Premier League season.

As well as referring to Sarwan as worse than COVID-19, Gayle added that he has nothing more to do with him, marking his former West Indies teammate as “snake”, “trick” and “infidel”.

Tallah is shocked by assistant coach Sarwan Gayle’s remarks, which he believes have “caused immense damage to the gentleman’s game of cricket”.

He posted on Facebook: “Let me be clear, I’ve played with Gayle since the beginning of my international career and I’ve always respected him as an extraordinary talent, a colleague and most importantly a close friend. So I’m shocked by this scandalous allegation.”

Former batsman Sarwan added: “In that video, he made false allegations and tarnished the names of more than one person.

“I was the center of most of the attacks. I responded, because I don’t think Gayle’s renting is appropriate, but I think the public record must be straightforward and set to protect so many characters and careers. The man whose image he magnifies Tried “

Gayle further claims that he was sent home from a visit to Barbados 24 years ago because of allegations that Sarwan was watching television in a room in their room all night.

Sarwan dismissed the allegations as “completely fabricated” and encouraged the Tallahassee’s foreign players to disrespect Gal.