‘Save the right to appeal’ against League 1 decision


Changed 01 May 2020, 00:08 IST

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Jean-Michel Aoulas, President of Lyon

Leon said they have reserved the right to appeal against the decision to delay the Ligue 1 season because it could cost the club “a few million euros”.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says the 2012-20 campaign will not resume due to a ban on all sporting events until September 20. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Thursday that the final position would be decided on the basis of points per game played in the League of Football Professionals (LFP). . Coronavirus epidemic.

Paris Saint-Germain were declared the Ligue 1 champions, while Tools and Amiens were relegated to second place. Lorient was touted as the winner of League 2, with Lens following them for the 2020-21 promotion.

Seventh place in League 1 and consequently lost place in the continental competition for the first time since the 1996-97 season.

To qualify for Europe, Lyon should be expected to advance to the Copa del Rey final against PSG and they will accept the trophy, or win the Champions League.

A statement issued by Leon on Thursday said: “The LFP reserves the right to appeal against Leon’s decision and to seek damages, especially in the case of loss of opportunity and claim of light. Related since the club’s losses are several million euros.

“Leon would like to sincerely congratulate the title winners, PSG in Ligue 1 and Lorient in Ligue 2, who were declared champions today, and hopefully soon the Leon women can achieve this same sanctity.”

Leon said they had a plan for the LFP involved in the play-offs within three weeks to “allow the championship to end and thus maintain the inherent fairness in any sporting competition and be consistent with UEFA’s proposals based on sporting merit. Purposeful, transparent and discriminatory.”