Serie A wants to end the 2019-20 season


Modified April 21, 2020, 04:44 IST

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A football used in Serie A

The Serie A coroner has been committed to watching the season, despite being behind closed doors amid the virus epidemic.

The league was suspended indefinitely in March due to COVID-19, and the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has already stated that the campaign for 2019-20 will not begin until the health and safety of all concerned is guaranteed.

Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora is expected to confirm the training date on May 3 as soon as possible at Serie A, with the current restrictions on current movement and outdoor activities coming to an end on May 3.

It has been reported that seven clubs, including Torino and Sampdoria, are opposed to the campaign, but Lega Serie A issued a statement on Monday.

In a statement from Italy’s top airline, “If the government fully adheres to the regulations to protect health and safety,” the meeting held by the Lega-Serie A council today unanimously confirmed its intention to complete the 202-220 season. Read on.

“The restoration of sports activities in the so-called second phase, in accordance with the regulations provided by FIFA and UEFA, will be held in compliance with the FIGC decision, as well as medical protocols for the protection of footballers, and all professionals.”

Referring to his return to training on May 7, Spadafora said the cards did not need to resume football.

He told the TG2 Post at the moment, “Right now, I can’t confirm training resumes on May 4 or the season.” The sport is only about football or Serie A. Surrey is not an economic industry, but we are also focusing on football.

“On Wednesday I will meet with FIGC, who will present its training protocol. We will evaluate it together.

“We need to understand if football training is ready to resume. I would evaluate it very carefully, but resuming training does not mean that the idea should start promoting.”

Defending champion Juventus cleared a point by 26 games in 26 games after the league was suspended last month.