Seth Rollins debuted at Money in the Bank with a new theme song


Changed 11 May 2020, 06:15 IST

Seth Rollins Introduces New Entry Theme“/>
Seth Rollins debuted a new entry theme

Seth Rollins was given a chance to win the WWE Championship again Money at the bank, And it appears that the WWE thought it was the right time to change the theme.

Rollins has been pushing his new character forward since losing his Universal Championship Bra White Returning to the Middle East in November, but as part of his Messiah Gimmick, he retains his “Burn It Down” theme, though it doesn’t fit his character.

New theme for Seth Rollins

Before the match against him, Rollins first went to the ring Draw MacIntyre And he has gradually introduced more and more instrumental themes that work better with his Messiah character.

This switch shows that the WWE clearly believes that the change in Rollins’ character is coming from behind because the former world champion has kept the same theme for the last six years.

The former Shield member handed over the theme when he parted ways with her Dean Ambrose And Roman Empire Back in 2014, the only addition to this theme over the years was the “Burn It Down” vocals at the beginning of the entrance.