Setien is not ‘hopeless or optimistic’ about Barcelona’s prospect to sign Lutaro Martinez


Modified April 20, 2020, 05:46 IST

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Inter striker Loutaro Martinez

Barcelona head coach Quick Setien says he’s not “optimistic or optimistic” about potentially signing interim Lutaro Martinez.

Martinez (22) is involved in the move to the Laliga Giants after scoring five goals in five games for Inter this season.

Barcelona have also been reported to be keen to bring Neymar to the St German star Paris.

Setien was unclear about Bursa’s possibility of signing Martinez, when it said the coronavirus epidemic would affect migration.

“We talk about relocation, but this epidemic is going on in terms of a lot. The situation in the clubs will be financially complicated,” he told Wanda Cero on Sunday.

“I’m not pessimistic or optimistic about Loutaro. I like how great footballers are but I have no illusions with anyone.”

Laliga season was halted last month, with Barcelona holding a two-point lead with five points.

The 61-year-old Setien wants to complete the operation, although acknowledges that more than 166,000 people worldwide have died with COVID-19, reducing Spain’s death toll to 20.4.

“We all want the championship to end even if it’s behind closed doors,” he said.

“But I want to guarantee that there will be no problem.”

Setien added: “I find it difficult to restart the championship. Until some light is seen, I prefer to stay home.”