Shane Warne has shed light on his approach as the captain of Rajasthan Royals


Retrieved 16 May 2020, 12:04 IST

Shane Warne has appeared on Shane Watson“/>
Shane Warne has appeared in Shane Watson’s T20 Stars podcast

Former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne Open about his leadership methods as a captain Rajasthan Royals In the IPL, in a podcast with the Aussie all-rounder, Shane Watson.

Shane Warne’s first season saw a young and largely inexperienced Rajasthan Royals captain IPL. They started worst in the first game with a 9-wicket defeat to the Delhi Daredevils.

“A lot went wrong that day (in the Royals’ first game). And I’m not sure if you (Watson) remember, but I remember walking into the dressing room later. And there was only punishment and frustration. And I think a lot of players expected rockets … Jeez got this shit. I said ‘Boys, no one is dead, we are all fine. We’ll get down to the next game ’, Shane Warne reminded.

Shane Warne believes that youngsters were the key to winning the IPL

The Jaipur-based franchise will turn around a bit in the next match, and win the IPL that year. The Rajasthan Royals captain is credited with the way the players came together as an essential element of their tournament win.

Shane Warne further suggested that the role played by his team’s young players in taking charge also played an important role in the team’s success in the IPL. The legendary leg-spinner believes that allowing his players to make their own choices has helped them understand the importance of their responsibilities and was a step in the right direction.

“The way the boys jailed and stuffed together. We won that game, we won the final (of the IPL), which was great. But I think it’s important to understand what made people tick. “To treat everyone the same. Because many of these guys haven’t been seen … some of them were 17 and they didn’t even play first-class cricket,” Shane Woe said. Ern said.

“I remember that year, I gave things away. I wanted to impose responsibility on the players. So I would say that everything is alchemical. If you want to give training, give training. If you don’t, no. I’ve seen people get more rigorous training than they should (when), ”added Shane Warne.

The IPL-winning captain also spoke of the importance of supporting a youngster in the team, noting how Alan Border trusted Shane Warne with the ball in his early days. The former Rajasthan Royals captain feels that a young man who has come to play on stage for the first time in the IPL should know that he has the support of the captain.

“If you know that you have the support of your captain. I know as a young player, when Alan Border threw me the ball to MCG, he supported me. And it made me feel good. Shane Warne said that if he looked around and thought, ‘I’m not going to bowl him, he’d be shocked,’ you know the captain isn’t supporting you, ”Shane Warne said.

The 1999 World Cup winner believes that the leader has more than just on-field captaincy and has a lot of experience. Warne considers himself lucky to be captain elsewhere before coming to Rajasthan Royals in the IPL.