Shock broker award and Bannister four minute mile


06 May 2020, 11:30 IST changed

Shakil O’Neill

Roger Bannister created a feat that many years ago considered May the most impossible, when Shakil O’Neill was recently awarded for a memorable first season at the NBA.

Bannister created a moment to rest the Olympic heartbreaking monster that stood the test of history in 1954.

Nearly 40 years later, NBA legend O’Neill received multiple awards during a tumultuous career.

Here are some of the best sporting moments of the day …

1954 – Barrister breaks barrier

It was described as “the ultimate goal of the sport” and was warned by physiologists that it was impossible and dangerous to try to run miles in four minutes.

Yet Banister, a medical student who was frustrated trying to finish fourth in the 1500m at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, was considered unimaginable.

Assisted by two pacers, Bannister was able to cover a mile in three minutes and 59.4 seconds on the Eiffel Road track at Oxford University.

The record was only 46 days before Australia’s John Landy shaved a second second at the time, but the barrister broke the barrier.

1970 – Feyenoord’s Dutch courage weakens the Celtics

Just three years earlier, Celtic’s ‘Lisbon Lions’ became the first British team to win a famous European Cup with a famous victory over Inter.

For the showpieces of European football, Voyra was the favorite at the San Siro Stadium in Milan on this occasion.

However, it is now the turn of Feyenoord to make history with a 2-1 win over Celtic, who beat Leeds United in the semifinals.

This opener in the 30th minute of Tommy Gemmel proved to be a fake dawn as Rinus is the equivalent of Israel. Sweden’s Owe Kindwall then scored in extra time three minutes after his final goal as Feyenoord became the first Dutch team to win the top prize in Europe.

1993 – Shock Broker Award

Huge issues were expected after Orlando Magic was first elected in the 1992 draft and he was not disappointed.

The center improved to 20 wins with an average of 23.4 points (eighth in the NBA), 13.9 rebounds (second) and 3.33 blocks per game (second) ending Magic 41-41, although they still missed out on the playoffs.

O’Neill was named Rookie of the Year and began his Hall of Fame career.

He won three NBA Championships with the Los Angeles Lay Curses and another with the Miami Heat, while running for three years between 2000 and 2002 he was named the Finals MVP.