SmackDown Hacker updates coordinates with other cryptic locations; Sends new messages


Changed 04 May 2020, 00:33 IST

The SmackDown hackers are creating the most Twitter “/>
SmackDown hackers are making the most of Twitter

The is one of the longest running stories currently sinking on WWE television SmackDown Hacker. Hacker Join Twitter A few weeks ago and they were as mysterious on social media as on television.

After months of wondering and a lot of speculation about who the hacker might be – One from me to come back in February – The tempo has definitely started to rise, and now we have a third location update from our account!

The location is now back in New York and has a place called Neversing.

What do we know about SmackDown hackers?

Well, not too far from the messages scattered on SmackDown where the mysterious figure announces, “Truth can be heard,” just weeks before their first mysterious debut.

This “debut” is just sitting in front of the computer in front of them wearing a sheet and after seeing any secret footage that can be opened. Mandy Rose And Sanya Devil’s storybook. However, hints have been given on their Twitter account Much more information Related to their identity.

Click here for all you need to know about the hacker’s Twitter account Here.

The Twitter account said, in the location section, adjustments have been posted and since changed twice. The first was a place called Truth or Results in New Mexico, the second was the latest prospect in Iowa, and the last place was Neversink in New York.

The hacker’s bio will also change to “Watch. Decode. Destruction”, the hacker released a new video with the message “Passcode protects the truth” in the post.

You can watch the clip below.