Sometimes people dance too fast!


Changed 22 May 2020, 23:30 IST

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Alan Pardew after the 2016 FA Cup Final

Jesse Lingard is famous for celebrating his dance, but it was Alan Pardew’s touchline jig in the 201A FA Cup final that stuck in the minds of Manchester United stars before he drove into the winner.

Cristal Palace United took the lead with just 12 minutes left when Jason Punchion outscored David de Gea in a recent post at Westley.

It was a goal that resulted in Touch Gales director Pardew dancing on the touchline.

After Juan Mata canceled Puncheon’s strike in the 61st minute, Juan Mata came on the bench to save the winner in extra time, he did not escape the sight of the alternate Lingard.

‘Purdue Chaffell’ instantly became a social media medium, especially given the Palace was beaten alongside Louis van Gaal.

In an interview with Match of the Day, Lingard Purdue said of the dance: “You know what? I think I actually saw it when I was on the bench.

“I saw him dance and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy!’ Apparently, at 1-0 he’s obviously hype and happy and that’s it, but it’s sometimes early, isn’t it?

“Sometimes people dance too fast!”

Speaking after the match, Pardew said he was caught at the moment.

“I enjoyed this moment. It’s hard to enjoy the moments in the cup final and as a director,” Purdue said.

“If you forgive me for my dancing, it’s just because I’ve enjoyed it.”

Pardew was sacked in December of that year, with Palace winning just six of their 3 Pre Premier League matches in the 2016 calendar year 2016.