Spinazzola is inspired by the failed inter action

  • Inter opposed the signing of Leonardo Spinazzola in January, making the Roma defender more motivated in the process.


Changed 11 Apr 2020, 00:08 IST

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Leonardo Spinazzola opposite the Inter

Leonardo Spinazzola has revealed that he was inspired by his failed January move to Inter and alleges that he was “hurt.”

Earlier this year, Roma appeared in full swing on the interchange agreement with Matteo Politano.

However, the transfer has collapsed due to concerns over Spinazzola’s fitness.

The former Juventus man addressed the issue on Friday, and in 15 league appearances this season, he claimed how he was injured.

Spinazzola suggested that he was motivated by January as a result.

Speaking to fans on Roma’s Instagram page, he said, “It’s not a good thing to label players like me as ‘injury prone’ or ‘lame’.

“Since that week, I’ve been mentally changed. I’ve been down for the past six months, and it’s not like me. But later this week, I found myself.”

Serie A has been temporarily dismissed in the Coronavirus epidemic, but Spaniardzola Roma is pleased with the way he handled the crisis.

“I’m honored to be part of this club,” he said. “I knew it was a great club already, but this month it has proved more and more not everyone has behaved this way.”

Published April 11, 2020, 00:08 IST

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