Sports during the Coronavirus epidemic are still enduring, but time is running out for the aging stars.

One year’s predictions without many games have brought a potential focus – a galaxy of top athletes sitting to lose valuable time due to retirement.

Every athlete must recognize that suspension and cancellation is a very small part of the problem as the world fights the COVID-19 epidemic.

However, there is nothing bigger than elite competition in the life of every athlete and there is room for empathy, especially for the older generation, without being overboard.

Although life is stagnant for many of us, the signs of aging continue to grow. No one would want to retire prematurely by the coronavirus, especially when losing important years at the twilight of their respective careers.

You want to leave with time sacrifice, your last season savior, testing your limits and finally respect.

Fear of any sporting activity means that in 2021 some older athletes may lose the magic energy a chance to pick up the final trophy that blows like a breeze under a door.

Yet, resting the limbs and re-emphasizing the mind with a forceful ‘best of the year’ can re-inject that mental acuity for any potential swansang campaign.

This may be the case with Roger Federer. The cancellation of Wimbledon was initially believed by many to be the Swiss Maestro’s latest inclination to the Grand Slam before retiring.

The following August, at the age of 40, Federer was no younger, but the long break provided him with an ideal opportunity to fully rehabilitate a knee injury without returning to action.

However, as one grows older, the pressure will build up internally as the window of opportunity closes. For Serena Williams, the time for her to inflate the record-breaking 24th Grand Slam has now begun to thin.

The American, who turned 39 in September, lost last year’s Wimbledon decision and remains a big title in the match with Margaret Court’s record episode.

In cycling, the Tour de France has been officially postponed until August 29. With the ban on rallies in France at least until mid-July, the epidemic could eventually prove impossible to move forward.

If the Le Tour does not move forward, we see Chris Frum (35), Gerant Thomas (sworn in 34), Vincenzo Nibali (35) and Richie Porte (35) working in front of the Peloton.

All classes work on their own, unfortunately time at the top of the hill may not last forever, especially as Egon Bernal maintains their dominance on the world stage by leading the next crop of stars.

Of course, competition and time are the only competitors for a star athlete. They are all inspired, experienced, smartly trained and have the best people in their own corner.

Yet there comes a time when opportunities and victories can be lost for a variety of reasons.

In basketball, LeBron James may not have the opportunity to add three more NBA titles. The LA Lakers were one of the most influential in form before the season was suspended, sitting at the top of the Western Conference on March 11th.

James’ statistics show that he is still playing at his best, he is 3 turns in 2021 and his left groin injury last year shows that he is no longer an invincible figure like before.

Next season, Western Conference powerhouse Golden State Warriors will become their best. As a result, it will be difficult for the lakes to enjoy the same spectacular form until Lake Tu is suspended.

In the case of Lamarcas Aldridge, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, Mark Gosol and Goran Dragic, the same year will be 35 and 3 be years later, respectively. Could any of these stars have already dropped their final slam dunk?

In athletics, a postponement of the 2020 Olympics means that Justin Gatlin (36), Asfa Powell (3), Alson Felix (34) and badminton star Lynn Dan (3) may lose their medal hopes.

Of course, age is just a number and a break from competitive action could lift some athletes to even greater heights in 2021. With changes in training and recovery methods, older athletes can still dominate their respective sports deeply in their 30s. In contrast, athletes were considered better than their top by 30.

Hard work and luck come to play a bit but at the highest level you have to believe.

Dignified competition often doesn’t come across frequently throughout every game and it’s a shame to see the likes of Tiger Woods, Federer, James, Williams and Frum not being able to challenge for the latest one compliment at the highest level.

Unfortunately, not every athlete succumbs to their own conditions and as the weeks go by, this new generation of rising stars is training in the background and dreaming of becoming their groundbreaker once normalcy begins again.

Life takes such a break during the COVID-19 epidemic, time is running out.

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