Steelers WR Ryan Switzer says Ben Rothlisberger is throwing “no barriers”


Retrieved 21 May 2020, 06:14 IST

Ben Rothlisberger

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Ryan Switzer recently met with Ben Rothlisberger for a throwback meeting and reported that the experienced quarterback left without any signs of last year’s elbow surgery that ended his 2019 season after two games.

Swiss comrades Juju Smith-Schuster and runner James Connor were part of the exercise with Rothlisberger, who had previously said in this offseason that he was behind the time of rehabilitation to convince Conuity without overwork.

“You know, when the ball goes through the air and you hear that ‘PFT-PFT-PFT’ sound,” Switzer told Athletic.

“That’s what poker said it sounds like. I haven’t heard it but man, I haven’t been trying to hold any gloves for months to make these clauses, but my hand is asking how they feel when they throw it.”

Switzer has been in session with Rothlisberger since February, so he knows exactly how far the quarterback has progressed.

“It’s been jumping and going out of bounds since he first started,” Switzer said. “There was no restraint, no hesitation, he was out at the time. He’s been running like that for a while, and I think it was fresh to throw the whole speed route down the field for at least the first time.”

Rothlisberger will enter his 17th NFL season and finish fifth among active quarterbacks with 363 passing touchdowns and fourth with 56,545 yards.