Stephen Curry and three point shots


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Stephen Curry is shooting three for the Golden State Warriors

It’s a different place than what the NBA was when Stephen Curry came on the scene.

The Golden State Warriors star is leading the way in the way the game is played.

Gone are the days when physicality was the key to success. Now the three-point shot rules the Supreme.

Five years after Curry claimed the first of its two consecutive MVP Awards, we use Status Performance data to analyze the growing importance of success beyond Orcs.

Deadly from afar

Curry entered the league as the seventh overall pick in the 2009 draft, when Ray Allen proved the benchmark during the three-point shootout.

No one has shot more in the suburbs than the two-time NBA champion and 10-time All-Star. 2,973.

Prior to 2012-13, when he averaged an average of three points per game, he recorded 3.4 In 2005-06. Curry has lost the mark six times since his eight promotions.

The Warriors Guard set a new record 5.1 2015-1. He made three pointers per game in the year and, after diving to a steady-impressive average of 4.1 and 4.2 over the next two seasons, he matched it in 2018-19.

Of course for history

Curry has played and played 699 games in the NBA 2,495 Three pointers. This is more than 700 for a successful three-pointer in a player’s first 700 games, compared to the next best record, a total of teammate Clay Thompson. 1,798 615 in attendance.

Was the earliest 1,632 By Allen

A league-wide trend

It’s not just curry, though.

The league has averaged three pointers per game in the last eight seasons.

Besides, the rate 24.3 The three pointers made per game in the NBA this season have more than doubled since 2005-06 (11.5).

Consistently correct

He set a record in Allen’s 200-0-06 season 269 Three pointers – that’s now 11th Best total on all-time list.

The top-10 includes five top two curries. He set a new standard when creating 402 Suburban shots in his MVP season.

James Hardden (378 At 2018-19 and 271 2019-20), Paul George (292 2018-19), Buddy Hild (278 2018-19) and Clay Thompson (276 2015-16) Other Top-10 Entries.

Done 38 Player seasons at least in NBA history 600 Three point effort.

Six Among them was Curry and 38 Warriors star percentages First, The second, Third, Fourth, Eighth And 11th.

Often prolonged

Curry entered the league at least with the highest game record Eight The three-pointers were in the hands of Allen, who was at this point No..

By then Curry was in a hurry 48 Games like this are more than twice the number of Houston Rockets guard Harden, who ranks second on the all-time list. 21.

Only four players were able to score 11 Three-pointers in a game before Curry’s rise and each of them did it once. He has been able to achieve fame in his NBA career Eight Bar.

Not just the guards

Big men are also getting involved in it.

Players who 6 fu 8 e Or tall trying from a more three-point range of their shots.

Only from 1979-80 to 1984-85 0.2 The percentage of their field-goal efforts exceeded the pressure and it increased 3.0 Seasons from 1995-96 to 1999-2000.

201-16-1. This figure stands after years 8.5 Percent.

A new NBA

The upward trend across the league is also seen when looking at the top scorers in a season.

Nothing more than before 2013-14 Four Of the top 10 players in point-per-game in a given season, he tried more than two three-pointers in each game.

Since then, at least Five It has done so in six of the seven seasons. As things stand in 2019-20, the number is unprecedented Seven.

In fact, there is 18 The top 25 players for points per game this season are those who have tried more than two three-pointers.