Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson has revealed potential opposition to the Octagon return

  • Thompson’s octagon has been delayed due to ongoing coronavirus epidemics.
  • Thompson wants to book with anyone in the top-5 in the welterweight division, including Leon Edwards.


Modified April 13, 2020, 00:16 IST

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Stephen Thompson

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson He is facing a frustrating wait as his return to the octagon has been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Against Thompson’s last fight Vicente Luque His most recent racing spree at UFC 244 is over and the first losing streak of Wonderboy’s career has ended.

Now that he is recovering from the injury he received against Luke and is thinking of returning to the cage, the ongoing epidemic has thrown a turning point on the national plan. Although frustrated, Thompson is unsure of the fight between the ongoing epidemics and doubts he will step inside the octagon before the situation gets under control.

During a recent appearance on What the heck Show, Thompson expressed that he was in a huge dilemma as to whether he should fight this long, because the warrior in him wanted to compete, but as a responsible adult, he suspected that he should compete in such a high risk of contracting. Probably a fatal disease spreading.

While recovering, Thompson has at least been able to think about when to return, but the South Carolina native is not sure if it’s a good idea to fight the risk of contracting the Sea-1 virus. And perhaps returning to the country to spread it to more vulnerable members of his community.

“It’s full of South Carolina grandparents. It’s full of older people and we have a lot of kids in our school who are raised by grandparents, their grandparents take them, and they bring them back to their 80s and 90s so never. Don’t want to because things are just the way they are, so if they take the right precautions, the warrior in me says yes. I like it. I “”

When he returns to action, Thompson wants a booking with any of the top-5 in the welterweight division. Leon Edwards And former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington.

Published April 13, 2020, 00:16 IST

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