Sterling has been remembered by Moss Piro as ‘extraordinary, irreplaceable’

  • Emanuel Piro remembers Sterling Moss’ “extraordinary” presence and the way he never felt the need to push for more racing protection.


Modified 14 April 2020, 17:32 IST

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Moss Stirling Moss at the Enstall Classic 2013

According to Emanuel Piro, Sterling Moss was an “irreplaceable person” not often seen in motorsport.

Moss, the greatest Formula One driver ever thought to win the world championship, died at the age of 90 last Sunday.

The London-born driver finished runners-up four times and three times for the third time between 1961 and 1961, the closest he got to defending title contender Mike Hawthorne against the threat of a racing penalty and finishing just one point behind. Driver’s Standing

Piro, the five-time champion Hour’s Le Mans winner who spent three years in F1, remembers Moss as a promising racer at 80, when he finally decided he could no longer compete.

“Sterling Moss was such an irresistible man. He ran a historic car a few years ago,” Paro told Stats Performance.

“I saw his real retirement during the real history of Le Mans. We were having an official qualifying session for racing. He was a great figure in the paddock. We were in the park and when I got out of the car, he told me, ‘That’s it: I won’t race anymore.’ For the first time, I was scared to race, so now is the time to stop.

“Sterling Moss never won a title, four times a second and once in third place. Sterling Moss fought to give his main opponent back points because he didn’t want to win this title. We must be happy that there was such a guy in motorsport.”

Former F1 driver and now broadcaster Martin Brundell greeted Moss for success across multiple disciplines when motorsport was at its most dangerous.

Despite the risks, Piro said that Moss never wanted to bring more safety alerts for drivers because he thought it diminished the feeling of achievement after the end of a race.

“Once, I asked him about security in F1,” Piro remembers. “He was very brave and never pressured to get a safe F1.

“He told me: ‘Today’s motorsport is like riding a stiff rope. In my age you had the Grand Canyon underneath. Now, there is a mattress.

Posted on April 14, 2020, 17:32 IST

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