Steve Bruce is not expecting a Premier League before June


Revised 17 May 2020, 17:04 IST

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Newcastle United boss Steve Bruce.

Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce does not expect the Premier League season to resume until the end of June, despite plans to return to Magpies training on Tuesday.

The coronavirus epidemic has shut down most sports around the world since March, canceling many events and leagues.

Authorities in England, however, have begun trying to restart the 2019-20 campaign instead of closing the door or canceling it or deciding to end prematurely, examining how the ‘restart project’ best tout can go again.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has confirmed that the government has opened the door to return to football next month. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has confirmed that the resumption of weekly holidays on June 12 and 19 is being identified as a possible target.

But even after returning to Newcastle training on Tuesday, Bruce thinks the end of June will be a more realistic goal.

Bruce told the Sunday Telegraph, “We need a good time here to prepare them.” Of course, once we get to the second stage, it’s very important.

“We need enough preparation to get these players in shape or they’re just going down like a pack of cards.

“Most managers have the same concerns. We’ll have at least six weeks. We’re not seeing how we can play the game in late June.”

For Bruce, that period of preparation for recovery will begin next week, and he is hopeful that the risk will be lessened as the squad returns to training.

“Of course, with the measures being implemented, you may be at greater risk of going to the supermarket or keeping petrol in your car,” he added.

“We are in a lucky position, we can test every three days.

“Every player and every member of our staff will be tested on Sunday. When we get the results back, we are penciled to start training again at 2pm on Tuesday if everyone is OK.”

With more than 240,000 confirmed and 34,466 deaths, the United Kingdom has been hit hard by COVID-19 – the highest number of fatalities recorded in the United States alone with the virus.