Stokes reflects on ‘one of the great days’ as he is again witnessing heroism at Headingley

  • England stunned Australia at Headingley in the Twenty20, thanks to Ben Stokes, seeing his stunning innings again on Saturday.


Modified 12 April 2020, 00:20 IST

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Ben Stokes roared in ecstasy at Headingley

Ben Stokes admits that everyone involved with the England team will never forget what happened at Headingley in 2019 after witnessing a dramatic conclusion to the third Ashes Test.

As the global coronavirus crisis kicks off the cricket schedule, Stokes and Test captain Joe Root joins Sky Sports pundits Rob Key and Nasser Hussein to watch the final leg of the famous game against Australia last August.

With this footage completely gone, the all-rounder gave unique insight into what had happened to Jack Leach, the 11th all-rounder, by pulling himself on an impossible one-wicket victory without the help of a wicket.

Stokes, meanwhile, were unbeaten on 5 and the hosts were on target for the win. An amazing achievement as they were number nine despite needing a down৩ run in the second inning.

“It’s always going to be great memories, one of the great days – not just going down the field but the memories will always be us as a group,” Stokes said in his score sports, the moment he was promoted the moment he threw his winning boundary. Cover.

“The changing room is sacred as a cricketer – this evening’s evening was just dazzling.

“To us, a team of players, support groups and team management, it’s always great to be able to look back on what happened on the field that day and then the memories we made instead of reminiscing. It’s great, so good.”

Stokes and Root both admit that despite knowing the results already, they were sweating as they made the move, though the former had to look forward to the moment when Australia seized the opportunity for Leach to run out with two runs.

Nathan Lyon was unable to claim the throw but he felt that he overcame himself by screaming LBW out loud in the same over, only to dismiss the plea for umpire Joel Wilson. Tourists already used their final review as well, denying them the opportunity to challenge a decision that would have been overturned with the help of the DRS.

“Joel Wilson will always hold a special place in my heart for those moments,” Root joked.

Stokes, however, was convinced that it was always missing and added: “Being a partner until the foot. No spin.”

When asked to recall his thoughts immediately after the win, Captain Root – who contributed 77 to a successful chase – replied: “I am relieved. Ben is also very proud.

“The year he traveled before him, it was fitting for him to be the center of everything. He’s a huge part of the team and the dressing room, and I couldn’t be any bigger for him.”

Australia lost to Leeds, but defeated their rivals at Old Trafford and proceeded to retain the Ashes in the next game. The series ended 2-2, winning the final at the English Oval.

Published April 12, 2020, 00:20 IST

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