Taylor says the Bengals have the potential to be the number one pick

  • Jack Taylor can’t imagine a scenario where the Bengals trade down to number one before next week’s NFL draft.


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Jack Taylor of the Cincinnati Bengals

All signs point the Cincinnati Bengals to the top pick in this year’s NFL Draft, and LSU quarterback Joe Olds April 27th.

While the team is still announcing their plans, the interview with head coach Jack Taylor at the Dan Patrick Show reinforces the view that the team is not starting trading even after reports were released last week that the Miami Dolphins were trying to move.

“It doesn’t look that way,” Taylor said when asked if he could see a scene where the Bengals got down to business.

“If there are people out there who you believe can really change the franchise in the next 10 to 15 years, it’s a very difficult thing to pass up.

“You know, people always ask me what it takes to give up that choice? If there is anyone out there that people are willing to give up on a lot, they believe, then it really verifies what we think of those players as well.”

Taylor did not reveal who the Bengals were targeting at number one, but he probably hinted that the franchise made up most of its mind over the rest of the week in the scouting process.

“I think we feel really comfortable in the direction we are headed,” said Taylor.

“I’m still not quite ready to make any major announcements, but we’ve done our homework here for the last three to four months, testing these kinds of people.”

Ever since the Bengals went south for the Bengals last season, the Cincinnati Ohio native has been linked to the old man, who was a backup for two seasons at Ohio State before relocating.

His 2019 promotion to LSU led to one of the college’s best seasons – a touchdown pass – winning the Heisman Trophy and earning the Tigers national title.

The NVFL has limited access to team prospects due to the outbreak of COVID-19, but the Bengals have maximized the allowable time to talk to the old: one phone call three hours per week.

“He’s got a great edge to him, I think that’s the best way to keep it,” Taylor says of the Bureau.

“You can talk about confidence and all the things at quarterbacks, but he is one of those guys who does the job, so he gains confidence in his skills because there is not much unknown to him.

“We got to know him. During this conversation over the past few weeks, we’ve come to know a lot of people that we really talked to him about at that time, Ed Top.”

Andy Dalton is still in a contract with the Bengals but had earlier made it clear he did not want any part of the entire rebuild, and he was upset that the team would not trade him as a contender in the middle of last season.

Taylor said that “all options are on the table” about Dalton’s future with the team.

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