The 11-time champion tonight plans a huge tournament for a zero title (May 15, 2020)

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20th May 2020, 00:51 IST changed

SmackDown Assured After MITB“/>
MITB looks promising after the Smitdown

On Sunday, we witnessed Of WWE Money in the bank’s PPV, which Otis and Asuka won in the briefcase in the men’s and women’s ladder matches, respectively. Now, we are ready for the first episode SmackDown After a decent PPV and a committed show lined up for fans. Needless to say, events from PPV are bound to influence what happens in today’s episode.

From the return of former champions to a tournament that will help new champions decide, there is much more that will be revealed on SmackDown this week. Also, we’ll see Otis closely monitor his Money in Bank opportunity as he’s about to appear as a guest on Miz TV. Maybe, we’ve got better insights and will find out what half of the heavy machine is trying to do with its titles.

The SmackDown Tag Team section has also been interesting lately. Following the successful headline by The New Day on the just-concluded PPV, they are now expected to be involved in a fight with only one team. It will be interesting to know who their next competitors will be.

In this article, we will take a look at the things that can happen in today’s episode of SmartDown. So, let’s get started without further ado.

# 5 The Charlotte Flyer will appear on SmackDown

What's on the Queen's mind?“/>
What does the queen have in mind?

WWE Superstar and Kingdom Nxt Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, Will appear on SmackDown tonight. Shortly after winning the title at WrestleMania 36, ​​The Queen made it clear that she would defend her title across all three brands. Hopefully, we’ll see her face two more horse women, Belle and Sasha Banks.

It is almost certain that Charlotte will be booked for the match on SmackDown tonight. We got to see him in the Champions vs. Champions match where he could score off against Boyle. Or we saw her team up with someone in the match against SmackDown Women’s Champion and her best friend, Sasha Banks.

Recently, Charlotte defended her title against Iowa Shirai in the NXT, and it looks like former champion Rhea Ripley wants to get one more shot in the title. So, in tonight’s SmackDown episode it’s possible to see who among these two women attacked Charlotte. However, one can still hope that ‘The Queen’ will be on top of the brand that once ruled the brand.

As Becky Lynch moves away from in-ring action for a while, WWW will want the other three horse women to carry the women’s category. We’ve seen Sands and Banks make their way through the SmackDown Women’s section, and the two best friends may need a recent feud before they get involved in an expected rivalry.