The AW commentator commented on why Vince McMahon’s management style left the WWE

  • The former WWE superstar revealed how he played a role in his departure from the company in 2001.
  • His frustrations with Vince McMahon didn’t help either.


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Looks like Vince McMahon (Pic source: WWE)“/>
Looks like Vince McMahon wasn’t easy to work with (pick source: WWE)

The history of professional wrestling is fascinating, let’s say, and Vince McMahon is often at the center of it. McMahon is probably the most successful preacher in all of Wrestling’s history. But as many wrestling fans know, McMahon has been a success in every aspect of his organization.

It is a well-known fact that he communicates and directs commentators and sometimes tells them certain things. On top AU continue podcast, Describing his time in WWE before moving to Taj. At that time he felt that he had become intoxicated when he was micromanaging him in McMahon’s commentary. He said:

“” I used to sit in a rental car at Show Prep. I didn’t want to be in the building. I didn’t want them to be with anyone … I didn’t want to go. It’s been a lie for at least three months, I didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want to hear Vince in my ear. F ** k, I know this is a lip frog friend. I know it’s a dropkick. You don’t have to tell me this is a bulldog. Yes, nothing. How many bulldogs have you taken? How many have I taken? Shut up “”

“This kind of s ** t, micromanaging got to a point where he was not only in my ear, but play-by-play-guys were getting worse than color commentators, and still doing. It was a big part of it … me. Then I didn’t want to be with anyone by the name of McMahon. They were f ** king annoying. What person knows, f ** k off, I’m out “” H / T Kjesideststs

It’s not like everyone else dealing with Vince McMahon for years. Taj had an exciting career in professional wrestling, wrestling for both WWE and ECW. He has gone down in history as one of ECW’s core and his exploits have stood the test of time. He was a two-time ECW World Champion and drew on a ‘tough guy’ personality who was the beast of the ring.

Even when he was one of ECW’s biggest stars, things didn’t work out for him at WWU. If anything, it was the opposite of that. Although he was a three-time WWE Hard Champion and won the WWE Tag Team Championship as well Spike Dudley, He became one of the company’s midcarders.

He started in WWE with a push, defeating Kurt Angle At the Royal Rumble 2000 at Madison Square Garden. Speaking of which, Taj knew he couldn’t spend his time with the WWE. When he debuted in the yard, it was a huge pop. But the problem is that the crowd was going crazy when he came through the screen based on his ECW exploits. He said:

“That’s when I wrestled Kurt [Angle] In the Garden, when I came out, when I heard that pop, I knew I was f ** ked. I knew I was screwed. I knew it …. it was a legal marvel and a pop pop in the world’s most famous courtyard. The reason I knew I was doomed was that the pop didn’t come from WWE. I was a made-up boy before I went to WWE, and WWE then, they would never admit it, and they wouldn’t admit it now, they didn’t want to make guys. ” H / T Kjesideststs

The interesting thing about ITT when it debuted with the WWE career was how the Human Suplex machine was booked to lose its functions. Triple H And there was a dispute between them Jerry Lawler Time.

As Taj continued to advance, his injuries continued to grow. It became a commentator on the SmackDown brand and eventually the resurrected ECW brand. This continued until the 21st when Taj’s WWE contract expired. He then went to TNA and is now back with

By saying this, he revealed the crown AU continue podcast, That the McMahon family did a lot for him and was grateful to be there. Accordingly, he was able to leave on his terms.

Taj is now excited about working in AZ with more freedom than WWE. He left the business for quite some time and the companies played a role in returning to professional wrestling. Considering he is now working Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Alex Marquez and others, better show than ever for being part of the AAU Dynamite crew.

Published April 10, 2020, 18:35 IST

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