The Bayern contract negotiator leaked annoyance


Changed 19 Apr 2020, 02:50 IST

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Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich

Manuel Neuer is upset that Bayern appears to have leaked details of his contract negotiations with Munich.

The Germany international has signed a deal with Bayern running until June 2021 but has been frustrated by ongoing talks about a possible extension.

Schalke goalkeeper Alexander Nubel will arrive in a free transfer before next season, following the suggestion that the Bavarian giants are preparing to overtake Newar.

It was reported this week that Newar was demanding a new five-year contract worth $ 20 million per year, but he ignored those suggestions.

However, any information leaked to the public domain showed him to be a cause for concern.

“I want to play as long as I am fit. But the most important thing to me is faith,” Newer told Bild am Sonntag in an interview.

“It is clear to me that having a five-year contract would be fantasy for me. I am 3 years old and cannot predict how I will turn 5 years old. So there is no objection to the advice I have been given publicly.

“I want a deal where FC Byrne and I have a win-and-lose situation that everybody is happy to see.

“I want to perform, be a team, and do our best to ensure our highest success with 100 percent passion. Conditions must be precise; this is what is happening.

“The annoying thing to me is that since I joined, all the conversations that have been here have always been very confident, othing never came out.

“But the details of the discussions are regular in the media, which is often not accurate. I didn’t experience that at FC Bayern.

“As a player and captain I have always been important to the club, working with management staff with a spirit of faith that has always been important to me.

“If things are clearly leaked by now, it affects the field of ‘praise’.

Neuer explained that Bayern’s decision to permanently recruit Hansie Flick as coach encouraged him to stay at the Allianz Arena.

He further believes that Nobel is a great signing, but does not believe there is any truth to his suggestion that his upcoming competition is guaranteed regular games.

“He’s a good goalkeeper, no doubt,” Nubel said of the move. “I understand the shift in perspective, although we already have a strong number two with Sven Ulrich. He will be the first choice among many other clubs. Noble is certainly a great signing.

“There are such things [as guaranteed games] In competitive sports … I don’t think you can tell any coach who runs a team like Bayern who will play. “