The best mix and pace to keep it going – Bayern get a new deal to Ken Alfonso Davis


Modified April 21, 2020, 17:52 IST

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Bayern Munich full-back Alfonso Davis

Alfonso Davis was rewarded for a brilliant breakout season that extended his contract extension and tied him with Bayern Munich until Monday, 2025.

The Canadian teenager won the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal medals last time, but only appeared on the bench for Die Rotten.

However, this season, Davis has transformed into a lefty to tackle a defensive crisis that saw David Alba play mainly as Bayern’s center-back.

Davis landed before the Bundesliga outbreak due to the pandemic of Cornwallis, and here we take a closer look at the 19-year-old with help.

Bundesliga mixes it with the best

In the Bundesliga, Davis is comparing his teammates with the left-back. In fact, hers Four Assistance can only get better in that position Five Christian Gunther of Freiburg

Davis has the best rate of success among all players who have made at least 100 openings this season (58 percent).

His open-cross success rate (players with at least 30) is the best in the Bundesliga 37 percent, While a passing precision 87 percent Only developed by Rafael Guerrero of Dortmund, Borussia (89) Left back

Davis also has the most talk-ons and has more conflicts than any left-back in this league episode.

Keep it with the piss

Davis’ speed and ability to recover was an important aspect for Bayern, and the fragments say he was the only player to start each 21 Competitive matches since taking over the Hansi flick.

His top speed in the Bundesliga this season 35.3 km / h. Only Kingsley has come in quick time with Bayern players (35.7 km / h).

Evan Perisic is the only Die Rotten player who has more sprints every 90 minutes (39) Than Davis (37).

In total, Davis is complete 112 On-the-go, when he has a one-on-one goal involved 318 Minutes.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, all four of his four assists in the Bundesliga have come away from home. In fact, his only top-flight involvement at Allianz Arena was his goal against Mainz in day three.