The Celtics are preparing for the NBA season to return


Retrieved 23 May 2020, 10:54 IST

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Boston Celtics star Jason Tatum

According to the team’s executive director, Phil Coles, the Boston Celtics are working on the idea that the NBA season will resume following the coronavirus epidemic.

Covid-19 has called for a global catastrophe, suspending the 2012-20 NBA campaign indefinitely in March, while the NHL and MLS seasons have also come to an end – delaying the start of the MLB term.

The season is set to begin again when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver weighs in on a variety of options, including the league, by taking the league back to Orlando and Las Vegas.

As the league tried to restart, Coles told Status Performer: “There’s a lot of desire to come back to the league and there are really intelligent people working hard to see if there’s a chance of something happening. Whether it happens or not. It’s not something that I can comment.

“We’re working on the expectation that we’ll be back and if we don’t, we’ll be better prepared when we go next time.”

The coronavirus outbreak has proven to be a challenge for teams, athletes and staff – NBA practice facilities have seen franchises simply reopen this month without any league targets before May 6 to return to their complexes.

Coles, a former San Antonio Spurs high-performance manager and former head of physical therapy at Liverpool, said: “We were waiting for a game in Milwaukee overnight when we got the news that the league was going to be suspended. The next day we flew again. Have become completely isolated from each other.

“There are a lot of challenges in how employees and players communicate with each other. We went beyond what we could and had some opportunity to spend time reviewing what we were doing – our review processes and when we finally came back and moved on. Let’s try to improve for him. “

The Celtics (43-21) were playing well before the suspension – third in the pre-conference spread behind third-league Milwaukee Boxes (53-12) and the Toronto Raptors (4-18-18) champions.

“It’s obviously frustrating, but it’s the same for everyone,” Coles said. “We had a very good season and when we came back, we had to start again and try to get back to where we were. But we were in the same boat as everyone else, so we had the same opportunity we had then and when we came back we had the same There will be opportunities. “

Justin Tatum topped Boston’s impressive season, averaging 2.6 all-stars. Points, .1.1 rebounds and 2.9 helped the Celtics establish themselves as the best players in the league.

“It’s always great to see young players improve,” added Australian Coles, who missed out on joining Greg Popovich’s staff in San Antonio. “Like all great players, they have a mix of talent, drive and work ethic. He’s a great example of that, but there are plenty of examples. It’s generally a young squad and there are a lot of good young players who work really hard and have all the progress.

“I’m new here, so I can’t say that I followed his progress as closely as the other staff. But everyone at the club and in the city who supports the club is happy to see development there and see him really blossom as a superstar.”

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How long will it take for the players to return to action despite the uncertainty surrounding the league?

Oklahoma City Thunder star Chris Paul has previously said players need at least four weeks of training to get into formation.

Coles added: “It’s going to be very different. Again, this is something the league and the players’ association will consider very closely. It’s something where everyone will be on the same boat. From our point of view, we will try our best.

“It’s hard to say what the ideal timeline will be. It will be very unique. Some players will come in great form and be ready to go and others will take some more time to build. And depending on what role they have in the team Everyone is on the same boat, so I don’t know if there is a need for an ideal deadline, it should just be something that everyone agrees on. “