The epidemic triggers disparity by calling on Jaylen Brown USA


Changed 19 Apr 2020, 17:56 IST

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Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown

Boston Celtics swingman Jalen Brown believes the coronary virus epidemic has caused widespread discrimination in the United States but believes it gives society a chance to unite.

The NBA has been set for an indefinite period beginning March 7 due to the proliferation of COVID-19, with 259 regular-season games still being retired as of Saturday’s playoff deadline.

According to Johns Hopkins University, coronavirus has been reported in more than 3,000 cases in the United States – about four times more than the second largest affected country and more than 39,000 people have died.

Referring to “misinformation to the top,” Brown criticized the local media for lack of clarity in the direction of the government’s top level.

And urging them to offer help to those in need with financial assistance, given the ever-high unemployment in the United States.

Despite implementing the Social Distance Policy, Brown believes the epidemic has highlighted significant flaws in U.S. society and hopes it can trigger a future change.

Brown wrote in The Guardian, “More than 6,000 people have died in the United States alone while I was writing this. Of these heart-wrenching numbers, the percentage of African American and racial people is worrying and irrelevant,” writes The Guardian.

“Since the founding of our healthcare system, the creation and suppression of this beautiful nation has potentially highlighted malice.

“After personally being affected by the outbreak and its impact on the NBA, I have no choice but to look back at how friends, family and friends have been infected with the virus.

“At this point, I’m proud to be a member of the Boston Celtics and the NBA in closing the season. The sport has a dominant position in our society, and I am grateful to have used the NBA’s platform wisely.

“My deepest condolences to Carl-Anthony and his family, the loss of his beautiful mother, Jackie, from Cavid-1 recently; the entire NBA has lamented with you. I extend my condolences to anyone with similar experiences or shared communal pain.

“As we are all shattered by the news of the heartbreaking and the agony, my biggest hope is that during this separation we are more integrated than ever.

“When I look at my enclosed walls, due to the implementation of social distance, I expect that our nation will not only integrate, but also heal, over the next few weeks.

“Consider the suffering of this epidemic and other epidemics plaguing our planet. Social inequality, gender inequality, inequality in education, poverty, lack of resources, cultural inequality and various other social imbalances that have not yet been vaccinated.

“Let’s use this time to look for solution-based answers and cooperative efforts for those problems.

“It’s going to determine our outcome in Game 7 and how we’re going to perform the spread. Let’s jump in and do it together as a team.”