The fight for the century went flat, with Messi’s Muller breaking the record


Retrieved 02 May 2020, 11:32 IST

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao also fought in 2015

Huge sports events don’t always live up to this occasion.

A reminder to the boxing world as long as five years ago the fight proved to be a long-term event in the field of making.

It was unexpected which often caused the most excitement and it was 2015-1. During the Premier League campaign that became one of the most memorable in the history of the department.

Here we look back at the world of sports on May 2nd.

2009: Pacquiao does light work on Hatton

“From the edge of the earth to the center of the ring” was a tagline attached to a light-welterweight title bout that was billed as ‘War of the East and West’.

With seven seconds left in the second round, Ricky Hatton was really in the center of the ring and was thrown onto the canvas by Manny Pacquiao on his back with the thunder of his chin.

The fight marked the end of the elite for Hatton, who ended his career in 2012 with a defeat to Bachelaslav Senchenko.

Pacquiao continues to preserve his legacy as one of the best boxers of all time, but his journey has not diminished, the biggest of which came six years later at the same MGM Grand Garden Arena venue …

2009: The Leinster-Munster semifinal reaches a record crowd

Linster v Munster is considered one of the biggest provincial rivals in world rugby and reached new heights as the pair met in the semifinals of the Heineken Cup in Croke Park.

The presence of a world record for a club match, a crowd of 82,208, ensured their place in the final with Linster winning 25-26.

They beat the Leicester Tigers 19-1-16 at Marafield to lift the trophy.

2012: Messi breaks European club goal record

Lionel Messi’s incredible career has been defined by the way he broke records and collected medals at will.

The mark he made since the 1972-73 season was even better with a hat-trick against Malaga eight years ago.

Trouble has scored six goals for Messi in the 2011-12 season, the most by a single player in a European club season.

Earlier, Gard M মller held the 67 67 record. Messi will continue this great fight against Germany by finishing this campaign with great over3 goals.

2015: ‘Fight of the Century’ fails to inspire

After years of long and exciting negotiations, Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather finally agreed to touch the gloves in the greatest battle of the twenty-first century.

The competition didn’t match the hype around him, but Mayweather maintained his unbeaten record in irresistible fashion.

Pacquiao also fought to punch a defensive Mayweather, whose tactical savvy won the fight by saying ‘Better never be late’.

Mayweather followed with a win against Andre Barto in September before retiring in 2015 to defeat UFC star Connor McGregor and improve to a 50-0 lead.

2016: Leicester achieve the impossible

The established order of the Premier League is 2011-1. The year was marred by incredible fashion as 5,000,000-10 outsiders Leicester City won the title after avoiding prosperity in the previous season.

Tottenham were Fox’s closest challengers in a year where Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal all fought for consistency, without the great pace of Liverpool and Chelsea.

However, Chelsea ended Tottenham’s hopes and confirmed that the trophy would go to King Power Stadium.

The Spurs needed a win at Stamford Bridge to keep their hopes alive, and Harry Kane and son Hyung-Min took the lead 2-0.

But Gary Cahill pulled one back and Eden Hazard equalized seven minutes from the deadline to spread the scene arbitrarily among the Leicester players seen on TV.