The former El Clাসsico official claims that Real Madrid has given enough support to the referees


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 17:53 IST

Real Madrid has taken a place in several La Liga referees,“/>
Real Madrid have won the hearts of several La Liga referees, according to Eduardo Ituralade Gonzalez.

Former La Liga referee Eduardo Ituralde claims Gonzalez explosives Real MadridRunning in Spanish football.

Gonzalez claims that 90% of referees in La Liga are in favor of Real Madrid in large numbers, while the rest are responsible for their loyalty to Real Madrid’s arch-rivals. Barcelona.

In an interview with Spanish channel Cadena Ser, Gonzalez claimed that referee Madrid is a favorite among referees because most parts of the country have grown up supporting Los Blancos.

“About 90% goes with Real and 10% goes with Barcelona. Whether Barcelona fans like it or not, 70% of the Spanish population, except in Catalonia, are supporters of Real Madrid.”

The former referee claims that more than 0% of Spain supports Real Madrid

Real Madrid“/>
Thousands of fans are present at Real Madrid’s victory parade

The former referee further claimed that as the general trend continues to change, Real Madrid is at the top of Spanish football, centering on a large part of the population.

In terms of popularity, Barcelona has made arrangements to return to the competition again Lionel Messi And Pep Guardiola As the primary catalyst. According to Gonzalez, however, Real Madrid still holds the top spot.

“There are more Bar্সa fans these days because the younger generation saw the trophies they won under Pep Guardiola. But how many people supported Madrid in Spain ‘before the Lionel Messi era’? About 70%?”

The former referee has admitted that it is only natural for football officials to support Real Madrid’s popular football teams. Gonzalez said referees could not be expected to remain neutral off the pitch and could usually pursue a career in football inspired by Real Madrid’s choice.

“Most of the referees are Real Madrid supporters. We didn’t come from Mars. You were a referee because you like football and don’t like football that doesn’t have a team.”

Gonzalez has led an exciting match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. He was the referee in Barcelona’s 5-0 defeat to Real Madrid in 2010.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid - La Liga“/>
Barcelona vs Real Madrid – La Liga

A 2010 Lionel Messi and David Villa masterclass between Barcelona and Real Madrid resulted in Real Madrid being put to the sword.

Real Madrid saw a tough tackle on Lionel Messi Sergio Ramos Get a red card from Gonzalez in the game’s death moments.

Gonzalez said he was one of the few people left in Spain who did not support Real Madrid or Barcelona. The Basque referee declared his allegiance to Athletic Bilbao, but also noted that it was biased against his favorite team in several La Liga fixtures.

“I’m lucky to have been born in Bilbao. Everyone is athletic there. But in the rest of Spain, most of the Barcelona fans are Real Madrid, because they are the team that will win. And that’s it. And the majority is Real Madrid.”

Real Madrid and Barcelona often find themselves in loggerheads with each other. La Liga giants often make official complaints to the federation, accusing each other of influencing decisions in the big games.

While Gonzalez’s sensational claims are not substantiated, they do indicate that La Liga referees may be influenced by their preconceived notions of Real Madrid.