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Vanuatu T10 League 2020 [PC: Twitter]

Cricket fans around the world are eager for some live action, with the upcoming inaugural Batbatar Vanuatu Blast T10 League set to host some exciting matches from May 21, 2020.

The tournament will feature three teams, the Ifira Sharks, the Mighty Effort Panthers and the MT Bulls, starting May 21 and ending the June 13 summit.

According to the organizers’ schedule, each team will play three more round-robin stages and all matches will be played at the Vanuatu Cricket Ground.

Vanuatu Blast T10 Squad

Ifira Sharks

Alex Stephen, Fernando Loome, Nalin Nipiko, Wolford Calvary, Bethan Molly, Nico Unavalu, Obed Joseph, Stephen Sandy, Vince Vira, William Yamak, Gilmore Kaltanga, Harry Pakoa, Amalkel, Jamal Vera, Mymel.

Mighty Affair Panthers

Brian Tari, Edwell Calfau, Jared Allan, Richard Burns, Selvin Gare, Shem Sala, Simpson Obed, Tony Tamata, Lazaro Carlot, Lancey Shem, Wesley Vira, Joshua Rasu, Jr. Alfred Carlot, Kennym Kennell, Lau, Lenika Natapei.

MT Bulls

Andrew Mansale, Clement Tommy, Damien Chilia, Vincent Matautava, Wamejo Otu, Williamsingh Nalisa, Darren Wattu, Eddie Mansale, Malone Testuki, Marcel Tia, Patrick Matautava, Philip Tracy,

Vanuatu Blast T10 schedule

May 21st [Thursday]

MT Bulls vs Ifira Sharks (7..30 am)

Ifira Sharks vs MT Bulls (9.30 AM IST)

May 23rd [Saturday]

Ephera Sharks vs. Mighty Efet Panthers (7:30 p.m.)

Mighty Efet Panthers vs Ifira Sharks (9.30 am IST)

May 30th [Saturday]

Mighty Effect Panthers vs. MT Bulls (7..30 am)

MT Bulls vs Mighty Affair Panthers (9.30 AM IST)

June 6 [Saturday]

MT Bulls vs Ifira Sharks (7..30 am)

Mighty Effet Panthers vs MT Bulls (9.30 am IST)

June 13 [Saturday]

Ephera Sharks vs. Mite Effect Panthers (7..30 am)

Last (9.30am IST)