The Golden Trigger Set has been launched by PUBG


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 18:33 IST

Source: BGR India“/>
Source: BGR India

PUBG Mobile has recently launched a golden trigger set for users. The collection is available to users through the Lucky Spin case. Existing prizes for the game include Rock Star Backpack, Golden Trigger Dacia and Golden Dream Parachute. PUBG mobile users can use the piece to pick up gifts like the Golden Trigger and the Rock Star.

When did the Golden Trigger come to PUBG Mobile?

Source: PUBG Mobile Officers“/>
Source: PUBG Mobile Officers

The Thai Golden Trigger set came shortly after the Robil Pass Season 13 was made available via PUBG Mobile. Now, players will form Carton Ranger squads for the season that feature new challenges in the game. In the process, players will have the opportunity to unlock more unique and rare objects in the PUBG game.

The doll agent outfit is another highlight of the season. It can be obtained in three different forms. Based on their tastes, users will be able to personalize their clothing.

Players can also win pieces that can be used to release gifts of Rock Star and Golden Trigger sets that include various other items. However, like every spin, the chances of getting a rare item are always low.

PUBG mobile developer Tencent Games has revealed that it is offering a new challenge to meet 10 assists in a match. Those who achieve the same requirement should share their screenshot for a chance to win a permanent place in the game’s crystal collection.

Source: Amino“/>
Source: Amino

The latest addition to the PUBG game is the interior of the map. You must always be outside the inner circle but inside the outer circle until the blue zone is the next safe zone.

It is noteworthy that the high demand for video games during the COVID-19 lockdown led to the first quarter sales and profits of Tencent Holdings, the producer of PUBG Mobile.

In addition to power-ups and PUBG mobile object skins, in-game spending on PUBG Mobile has increased to $ 232 million, more than three times the amount of game creation in March 2019, according to a Reuters report.